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T94™ Series Welding Protection

Equipment that goes Beyond the Arc


When safety gear gets uncomfortable, users stop working and remove it. That exposes them to hazards, takes them out of compliance and reduces valuable arc-on time. T94 Series respirators help maintain comfort, so safety gear stays on. 

Dualtec™ manifold system – Available on all Miller® PAPR and SAR systems, this patent-pending technology allows welders to customize helmet airflow, reducing dry nose and eyes. Paired with a low-profile, dual-intake breathing tube that optimizes helmet balance, Dualtec maximizes user comfort.


 Welders who can clearly see their work and their surroundings have the confidence to produce better-quality welds — and they're more likely to keep their helmet down before, during and after welds, which maintains compliance. 

Light™ Lens Technology – Allows more colors of the light spectrum to come through the welding helmet lens. Welders experience a brighter, more-natural view that enhances clarity — so they can see more arc detail and produce better welds.



The average arc-on time in a professional welding environment is only 20–30 percent.* What if your safety equipment provided insights you could use to increase productivity, arc-on time and weld quality?

InfoTrack™ 2.0 – Manage projects better, improve quoting accuracy and discover efficiency opportunities with helmet data-monitoring technology that tracks arc-on time, arc count, and allows users to set timers and alarms.