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How to Select the Right All-In-One Solution for Your Service Truck

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All-in-one solutions deliver big benefits to utility and municipality truck fleets — with all the power you need in one machine.
Miller EnPak all-in-one power system on a service truck

Ultimate utility truck solutions

Utility and municipality service technicians install pipes, dig trenches, repair bucket trucks and erect signs — and the right all-in-one system prepares them for any jobs they encounter. An all-in-one can save space, reduce costs and improve reliability for work truck fleets.

Engine-driven all-in-one solutions provide compressed air, generator power, battery charging/crank assist and welding capabilities. These power systems can deliver big benefits to fleets like yours — so you can spend wisely and techs have the power they need in one machine.

Once you’ve determined an all-in-one is the right solution to help your organization reach its goals, how do you choose the best option for your fleet?

Compressed air, generator power and more

First, consider what your technicians need most often in the field:

  • Do they need air on demand without waiting for the tank to fill?
  • Do they need to power work lights or battery-powered tools?
  • Are they trying to minimize jobsite noise?

Power systems from Miller let you do all of these things and more. Miller® EnPak® power systems provide compressed air, electrical power, battery charging, welding and power to support 12-volt DC needs — all while the truck’s engine is turned off.

“It has definitely got a place in the utility business, getting away from separate components. It is taking the place of three separate units on our trucks,” says Dewayne Harris, garage foreman with Cleveland Utilities. “The savings in the service and the fuel mileage is going to be tremendous.”

These reliable all-in-ones allow you to consolidate equipment to maximize available payload, reduce fuel consumption and minimize operating costs, while still providing all the power that techs need to get the job done.

“By going with the EnPak, we actually gained a lot of functionality and were able to keep more storage space on our truck,” says a fleet manager with a large municipality.

For government fleets leading the way with green initiatives, all-in-ones can also help meet clean-air and anti-idling standards. These power systems can reduce truck engine idling by up to 75%.

Capabilities and features on EnPak systems include:

  • A rotary screw compressor that delivers 30 cfm of compressed air on demand to power virtually any air tool, including most 3/4-inch impact wrenches. Rotary screw compressors fill faster and run quieter than reciprocating designs, for an improved work environment.
  • Up to 100 amps of DC power for 12/24-volt battery charging at idle, up to 150 amps of DC power for chassis battery support (EnPak A30GBW only) and up to 300 amps for crank assist.
  • A 6,500-watt generator (8,000 watts peak) for 120/240-volt AC power needs.
  • 210 amps of inverter-based weld power, delivering a smooth, stable arc for MIG, DC TIG and stick welding (EnPak A30 only).
  • A compact design that delivers big capabilities in a small footprint — reducing weight by up to 500 pounds and increasing available payload by up to 24 cubic feet compared to using multiple engine-driven machines.
  • A remote panel with simple, straightforward controls.
  • CAN bus connectivity that allows the unit to connect to the vehicle’s telematics system, so fleets can use truck telematics to monitor EnPak engine data, machine loads and usage.

Spend wisely and do more

When you’re outfitting your truck fleet, ask yourself if your equipment:

  • Reduces downtime
  • Gives your crew the tools to get the job done
  • Maximizes available truck payload space and reduces weight

Investing in an EnPak system can pay off in less downtime, maintenance and fuel usage — so you can reduce fleet operating costs and make the most of your budget.

These space-saving machines are designed to work all day long, so your work truck doesn’t have to.


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