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CabEn™ Climate Solutions


Ready To Control Cab Climate Without Idling Your Truck

Miller® CabEn Climate Solutions are heating and cooling systems integrated into truck cabs to control temperatures without idling the truck engine. Paired with an EnPak® all-in-one, they can save up to $11,000 every year on fuel, maintenance, repairs and downtime. One Miller customer saw their average engine idle time drop from 98% to 1% with this anti-idling system.

Only CabEn Climate Solutions control cab temperatures without taking up space or requiring extensive cab modifications — and they can run all day without the limitations of battery power.

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Choose the Solution That's Right for You

CabEn Climate Pak


For work trucks that operate in both cold and hot environments, the CabEn Climate Pak is a fully integrated heating and cooling solution. It includes both CabEn Heat and CabEn Cool equipment, so your operators have relief from the outside environment with the truck engine turned off.


CabEn Climate Pak
CabEn Heat

For work trucks that primarily operate in cold environments, CabEn Heat warms the cab using a heater that’s powered by the truck’s diesel fuel supply. The truck’s engine never needs to run to keep operators warm.


CabEn Cool
CabEn Cool

For work trucks that primarily operate in hot environments, an EnPak power system provides the power that CabEn Cool needs to maintain the cab at a comfortable temperature all day long — without the limitations of battery-operated cooling systems.


CabEn Heat

The Benefits You Want. The Dependability You Need.

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Truly Eliminate Truck Engine Idling With All-in-One Power

CabEn Climate Solutions keep the cab at a comfortable temperature without running the truck engine, so you can switch to all-in-one power and truly eliminate idling.
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No Cab Modifications or Lost Space

CabEn Climate Solutions utilize many existing truck HVAC components and controls, so the truck doesn’t require major modifications or additional components that take up room — protecting your investment and maximizing cab space and payload.
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Proven Solutions

We partnered with recognized industry leaders to design, engineer and manufacture CabEn Climate Solutions with legendary Miller dependability.

  • CabEn™ Cool is produced by Bergstrom Inc., the leading designer and manufacturer of cab climate systems for heavy-duty commercial trucks, off-highway machines and specialty vehicles.
  • CabEn™ Heat is produced by Eberspaecher, one of the world's leading developers and suppliers of vehicle heating systems and automotive controls.

Create a Complete Anti-Idle System

Pair a CabEn Climate Solution with an EnPak A30 or EnPak A60 all-in-one to create a complete anti-idle system. You can give operators the capabilities they need — including welding, hydraulics, compressed air, battery charge/crank assist and generator power and more — with the truck turned off.



EnPak A30 and EnPak A60

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