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Millermatic® 142 Owner Resources

Welcome to Your Ultimate Millermatic® 142 Guide

Your Millermatic 142 lets you make the professional-quality MIG welds you expect from a Miller® machine, even if you don’t weld every day. We created this page to help you get even more from your welder! Here's where you can find setup videos, tips and techniques, project ideas, accessories and much more.

Setup Videos

Setting up your Millermatic 141, 190 or 211 MIG welder

Before setting up your Millermatic 141 or 190 MIG welders, review important safety important information. Watch for step-by-step instructions for setting up and operating your new Millermatic, the parts and components included with your equipment, and suggestions for the correct gas and consumable usage with the equipment.

Millermatic 141 and 190 MIG Welders: New Quick Select Drive Roll

Millermatic 141 and 190 MIG welders feature an angled all-aluminum wire drive and Quick Select Drive roll for improved feedability.