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Amplify Your Welding With the Copilot Arc Welding Cobot

Welding automation is now easier than ever.

The all-new Miller© Copilot Cobot has no complex software to slow you down, no barriers to training new operators and no reason not to evolve your workforce. Now, advancing your skills doesn't have to be complicated.

Easy to use

Easy to learn and operate, Copilot Cobot removes complexity so welders of all skill levels can be up and running within hours.

Improved quality, increased throughput

Solve production challenges of high-mix, low-volume parts production to keep up with demand.

Precise welds

AccuGuide™ Precision Joystick provides fingertip control for pinpoint torch positioning and perfect weld setting.

Intuitive controls

IntelliSet™ Weld Settings Assistant* provides the simplest, most intuitive interface and the software empowers welders of any skill level. 

This cobot gives you more — more precision, more quickly. 

Works the Way You Want

The Copilot Collaborative Welding System's welder-centric design responds the way a welder wants it to — without complex software or clunky controls to slow you down. Every welder can quickly and easily advance the way they work to strengthen your operation.

Miller Collaborative Welding System

Copilot™ Cobot AccuGuide™ Precision Joystick

In addition to the typical cobot free drive movement, while programming, AccuGuide simplifies precise positioning and adjustment to produce the most accurate welds.

Copilot™ Cobot IntelliSet™ Weld Settings Assistant*

Simply input the material thickness and the wire diameter. IntelliSet, Miller’s intuitive software, configures the weld settings together with the selections from the Auto-Continuum power source. You’ll experience the fastest, most productive weld programming platform, streamlining weld setting assignments for easy learning and quick changeovers.

Large Work Table

  • Robust 48" x 48" work table with 42" x 30" hole pattern.
  • Up to 1,500-pound payload capacity.
  • Tooling hole pattern compatible with most modular fixturing. 

Air-and Water-Cooled Models

  • Durable and reliable for everyday welding challenges.
  • Advanced capabilities like Accu-Pulse® to grow with your needs.
  • Air-cooled version is now available with Auto Deltaweld® power supply and Tregaskiss® CA3 torch. 
  • Water-cooled version comes with Auto-Continuum™ 500 and Tregaskiss® CA3 torch with I.C.E.® technology. 

Easily Moved and Repositioned

  • Copilot can be rolled on smooth surfaces and forklift pockets are provided for transferring longer distances.


Air-Cooled Versions Now Available with Auto Deltaweld®

  • Modbus TCP eliminates extra communication hardware and also the bugs that ride along.
  • "Headless" design places almost all user interface on the teach pendant — no more going back and forth to the power supply.

*IntelliSet™ Weld Settings Assistant now available for download.

The Copilot Simplifies Your Welding Process

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It’s very simple. There’s not a lot of bells and whistles that make it more confusing. It’s straightforward and you’re literally welding in minutes. 

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— Andy Horst,
Manufacturing Engineer at Franklin Fueling Systems