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New MobileArc™ 


  • Easy-to-use welding simulation tool that provides a hands-on augmented reality experience.
  • Highly portable, lightweight design that is easy to transport for remote learning and recruiting events.
  • Easy setup and simple user interface allow students to work independently, increasing instructor efficiency.
  • Provides real-time feedback on user technique to help correct errors, reinforce proper welding practices and accelerate skill advancement prior to live arc welding. 

September 2021


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New SubArc Digital Converter


  • Provides expanded fleet capability, allowing operations to use their existing Big Blue® welder/generators and Dimension™ power sources and pair them with any SAW digital accessory
  • Designed for field applications including above-ground storage tank construction, as well as shipbuilding and bridge construction
  • Enhanced digital communication allows for more consistent steady-state welding, improved arc starts on a wide range of wire diameters and increased arc stability with specialty alloys
  • Highly portable and simple to set up, so operators of varying experience levels can easily connect their SAW accessories to Miller power sources for streamlined field operations

July 2021


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New EnPak® A60 


  • Provides up to 325 amps — at 100% duty cycle — of output to meet welding and machining needs in the field
  • Available integrated hydraulic pump with hydraulic output up to 16 gpm delivers fast, smooth, reliable and precise crane operation
  • A 60 cfm rotary-screw air compressor offers uninterrupted airflow that easily powers impact wrenches and pneumatic pumps on the jobsite
  • Provides up to 150 amps of DC power for 12/24-volt battery charging and up to 300 amps for crank assist
  • Includes a 7,500-watt generator that delivers continuous 120/240-volt, 60 hertz power for high-demand electrical tools 


June 2021

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Industrial-strength Face Shields


  • Four lens options available
  • Lightweight in design for all-day wear and comfort
  • Impact-resistant to increase durability and protection
  • HDV Technology provides a sharp, detailed view at any angle without distortion, enhancing welding operations


April 2021


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ArcReach® Heating Systems


  • Designed for jobsite weld preheating and bakeout in construction and pipe applications with temperature
    maximums of 600 degrees Fahrenheit and 315 degrees Celsius.
  • Can save several hours and hundreds of dollars per weld joint compared to other heating methods.
  • Allows contractors to insource preheating and bakeout using ArcReach-enabled power sources already on site,
    since operators can perform these tasks with easy-to-use equipment and tools.
  • Induction heating is faster, safer and more consistent compared to flame and resistance heating methods.


March 2021

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CST™ 282


  • Offers lightweight portability at just 34.6 pounds, making it 6 pounds (15%) lighter than the previous CST model
    and 19 pounds (35%) lighter than similar competitive machines.
  • Auto-Line™ power management technology ensures operators can get high-quality arcs from virtually any
    incoming wall power — the first time this technology has been included in the CST lineup.
  • Miller®-exclusive universal output connector system can be used with both Tweco and Dinse-style connectors for
    added convenience and flexibility.



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Digital Elite™ Series, Gear Box™


  • Auto-on/off lens turns on with the strike of an arc.
  • Larger 9.2-square-inch viewing area.
  • AutoSense™ Technology automatically sets the helmet sensitivity for the welder’s environment
  • Exclusive X-Mode™ Technology eliminates sunlight and out-of-position interference by electromagnetically sensing the welding arc even when sensors are blocked



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Classic Series, Metal Matrix™


  • First Classic Series helmet to featureClearLight™ Lens Technology.
  • 5.2-square-inch viewing area with an auto-on/off lens that turns on with the strike of an arc.
  • Lightweight 16-ounce design.


November 2020

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        • Provides welding instructors with an easy tool to teach welding concepts and techniques specifically aligned with American Welding Society (AWS) SENSE standards.
        • Features curated courses, e-learning modules and quizzes.
        • Offers real-time student feedback to easily monitor and assess student performance.


        September 2020

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