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XMT® 650 ArcReach® Systems

Reach for next-level productivity, cost savings and power. 

Take Construction Welding to the Next Level

When you need durability, efficiency and control, our built-to-last Miller®XMT®650 ArcReach®power sources and ArcReach®16 wire feeders get the job done.

Check out exactly how many hours you could take back in your year with one of our systems.

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Change Your Workday With Next-Level Productivity

Walking to a power source doesn’t just waste time — it opens operators up to safety risks too. Now operators can change processes and polarity right at the wire feeder.

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Complete Control, Anywhere

You can take charge of your power source from hundreds of feet away — without the control cable.

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Easy Process Switching

When you need to switch between welding and gouging, just push the button. No swapping leads or trips to the power source.

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Polarity Selection

When paired with the XMT 650 ArcReach Polarity Reversing machine, choose electrode-positive or electrode-negative self-shielded wire right where you are.

Take a Look at the Next Level

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Boost Your Bottom Line With Next-Level Cost Savings

Utilize new technology to drive down expenses. Our ArcReach Systems are built to keep your money where it belongs — with you. Dual capabilities mean you can weld and gouge with one machine. Plus, we have systems available with a ready-to-use wire feeder cart or sled.

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Strengthen Your Capabilities With Next-Level Power

Upgrade your technology for a new generation. With an optimized gouge process rated for 3/8" carbon, you have the industry-leading ability to move more material per pass. Cable Length Compensation (CLC™) ensures you maintain consistent weld quality.