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Innovative Welding Liner with E-Z Feed™ Technology

  • The liner wire has a unique profile and a galvanized coating, designed to make it easier to feed the wire through the MIG gun.

  • The shape of the liner shields the wire material against humidity and dampness in challenging welding environments.

  • Enhanced coil profile reinforces the liner’s rigidity, optimizing wire support.

  • Improved feed-ability for hard-to-feed wires such as metal cored and stainless steel. 

EZ Feed wiring

Improved Wire Feeding

Unique shape and reduced touch points during wire transition improves wire-feeding and significantly diminishes gun chatter.

EZ Feed Illustration showing shrink tube connected to coiled wire and liner lock

Products used with AccuLock™ MDX™ Liners with EZ-Feed™ Technology

Custom painted Miller machine

  MDX™-100 MIG Guns

Custom painted Miller machine

MDX™-250 MIG Guns