Advanced Welding Processes

Advanced Welding Processes


A fast, low-heat, low-spatter process used in automation for materials up to 1/4 inch and is great for gap filling.



Provides higher deposition rates and has the most adaptive arc on 16 gauge and thicker materials, and is better for out-of-position welds.


RMD (Regulated Metal Deposition)

Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD) is a modified-short-circuit welding process with the lowest heat process and limited travel speed. It is designed to fill gaps in thin-material applications and provides a higher quality root pass, calm stale arc and less spatter.


Pulsed MIG (MIG-P)

A modified spray transfer process, that produces no spatter, and is used in construction and fabrication applications that use the short circuit transfer method for welding steel, 14 gauge (1.8 mm) and up.

Articles and Videos

Change in Welding Processes Can Help Meet Labor Demands in Power Industry

Featured in AWS Welding Journal, this article addresses how contractors working to complete power generation projects on schedule in this competitive market are turning to welding processes and technologies that can help improve productivity and save time.
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Switch to Modified Short-Circuit MIG (RMD®) to Significantly Improve Welding Productivity

Welding plays a significant role in the timely completion of deadline-driven construction projects — both pre-fabrication in the shop and installation on the jobsite. Making the switch from traditional welding processes to a modified short-circuit MIG process such as Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD) from Miller provides improved puddle control and significant productivity gains in many shop and...
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New Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD™) MIG Welding Process Improves Stainless Steel Pipe Fabrication

Miller's new Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD™) MIG welding process (modified short-circuit MIG) improves welding quality and productivity on stainless steel pipe. The RMD process is easy to learn and addresses the welder shortage by providing an easier process that gets more work done faster and at a higher quality.
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New Welding Processes, Technologies and Retraining Help Address Labor Shortage

Learn how to increase productivity of the welding operation through new technology and advanced processes.
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RMD and Pulsed MIG Processes with Metal-Cored Wires Improve Pipe Fabrication for Swartfager Welding, Inc.

Pennsylvania fabricator builds systems that increase productivity, reduce non-value-added activities such as grinding, and simplify processes for operator training.
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Eliminate Back Purge in Stainless Steel Pipe Welding

Dixie Mechanical eliminated back purge and cut welding time by more than 30% with a process change and the PipeWorx 400.

Selecting Best Pipe Welder Was Key for Dixie Mechanical

Dixie President Greg Howell knows easy-to-use welding power sources help operators produce quality welds efficiently.

Dixie Mechanical Saves Time and Money With Miller PipeWorx

Pipe fabricator Dixie Mechanical uses the latest in welding technology to eliminate back purge on stainless steel pipe.

Reducing Weld Costs and Turnaround Time: Current Technologies from Miller Maximize Productivity

Approximately 80% of the cost of a field weld is labor. Newer welding solutions have been developed to improve productivity.

RMD vs MIG (Short Circuit) at 200 ipm

A comparison of the Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD) process compared to short circuit MIG (GMAW) welding at 200 inches per minute (ipm).

Miller Explains Pulsed MIG Welding

View this short video on how pulsed MIG works and why it is beneficial compared to standard MIG welding.

Miller Accu-Pulse MIG Welding Program Slow Motion Demonstration at 400 IPM (3000 fps)

A demonstration of the Accu-Pulse MIG Welding Program in slow motion at 400 inches per minute (ipm).

RMD Welding Demo at 250 ipm

A Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD) welding demonstration at 250 inches per minute (ipm).

RMD, Pulsed MIG Welding and Metal Cored Wires Drive Excellence at Swartfager Welding, Inc.

Much of the work done by Swartfager Welding, Inc. involves pipe fabrication and other high-pressure applications.