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Advanced Welding Processes


A fast, low-heat, low-spatter process used in automation for materials up to 1/4 inch and is great for gap filling.



Provides higher deposition rates and has the most adaptive arc on 16 gauge and thicker materials, and is better for out-of-position welds.

Accu-Pulse Products


RMD (Regulated Metal Deposition)

Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD) is a modified-short-circuit welding process with the lowest heat process and limited travel speed. It is designed to fill gaps in thin-material applications and provides a higher quality root pass, calm stable arc and less spatter.


Pulsed MIG (MIG-P)

A modified spray transfer process, that produces no spatter, and is used in construction and fabrication applications that use the short circuit transfer method for welding steel, 14 gauge (1.8 mm) and up.

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Identifying common hidden costs in your field welding operation can help keep your project on time and on budget.
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How to Reduce Welding Troubleshooting With Suitcase Wire Feeder Technology

With advancements in wire feeding, welding operations can spend less time and money troubleshooting problems like bird-nesting.
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From poor feeding capability to questions about durability, we’re debunking common misconceptions about suitcase wire feeders.
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Learn 5 Best Practices, Including Pulsed MIG, for Welding Different Materials

Learn more about welding technologies and processes, including pulsed MIG, that offer benefits for welding different materials.
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5 Benefits of a Switch to Wire Welding Processes in Pipe Welding

Learn how to optimize open root pipe welding with a switch to advanced wire welding processes in shop and field applications.
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5 Tips on How To Create a Work Environment That Attracts the Best New Welders

Improving the welding environment can help you better meet evolving welder expectations and save time in welder training.
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Easily Switch Polarity in Welding Applications With New Technology

Welders can change welding processes and polarity with the push of a button at the weld joint — saving significant time.
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Reducing Rework in Manufacturing: 5 Tips to Improve MIG Welding Sheet Metal

Learn how to reduce heat input and improve results when welding sheet metal, to reduce rework in manufacturing applications.
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Welding Aluminum vs. Steel — Tips to Improve Your Results

Learn the key differences between welding aluminum vs. carbon steel so you can confidently weld aluminum.
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Guide to Pulsed MIG Welding in Manufacturing

See how a switch to pulsed MIG welding can deliver results such as reduced spatter and rework in your manufacturing operation.
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Guide to Industrial Aluminum Welding — The Basics

Get tips for successfully welding aluminum, including prep, storage, process selection and handling common challenges.
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Learn How Aluminum and Lightweight Materials are Changing Auto Body Repair

Changing fuel economy standards and materials used in vehicle design are placing new demands on collision repair shops.
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Are Inefficiencies in the Weld Cell Affecting Your Manufacturing Process?

Common manufacturing myths about grinding, arc-on time and spatter may be holding you back from making the right changes.
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Engine-Driven Welder/Generators with Dual-Operator Capabilities Save Space and Fuel

A diesel engine-driven welder/generator with dual-operator capabilities is one tool that offers the versatility to help accomplish what you need to get done in today’s working environment.
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Reduce Work Truck Battery Worries and Engine Idling With Chassis Power

Technicians can turn off their truck engines and still get the power they need for laptops, tools and lights on the jobsite.
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How to Select the Right All-In-One Solution for Your Service Truck

All-in-one solutions deliver big benefits to utility and municipality truck fleets — with all the power you need in one machine.
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How to Drive Improvement with an Existing Welding Power Source Fleet

Utilizing external weld monitoring solutions allows companies to gain insight into quality and productivity metrics on any brand of power source, old or new, so they can drive continuous improvements in their welding operation.
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Eastfield College Plans to Expand Welding Fabrication Offerings

The college hopes to soon expand its program to offer a certificate in welding fabrication, due to industry demand in that area.
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New Speed-Governing Tech for Engine-Driven Welder-Generators Improves Fuel Efficiency and is Quieter

The welder/generators in this engine category will idle when there is no load applied to the engine and ramp up to a full speed of 3,600 rpm when any load is applied, no matter how much power is actually needed.
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Standardizing Work Procedures 4 Ways Advanced Welding Information Management Systems Can Help

Advanced welding information management (to be referred to here as AWIM) systems allow companies to capture data that can be used to improve weld quality and increase productivity in any welding operation. In addition to helping the welding operation be as efficient as possible, these software-based tools offer another important value: the potential for significant cost savings.
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6 Tips to Improve Welding Productivity on Construction Jobsites

Using more efficient welding processes and technologies can help contractors complete jobs faster and compete for more bids.
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Shipyards Gain a Competitive Advantage with Point-of-Use Welding Control

Shipyards are being asked to provide lower costs and meet increasing quality requirements while also delivering vessels on tighter schedules. Technology is one solution to help them meet these customer demands. In the shipbuilding welding operation, point-of-use controls can save up to an hour or more every day — per welding operator. The resulting savings translate into a quick return on investme...
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Remote Control Welding Technology Offers Benefits for Productivity Quality and Safety

Remote control technology provides welding operators with the ability to set welding parameters at the joint, increasing safety by reducing trips to and from the power source, and increasing arc-on time for greater productivity. This technology also helps improve quality by eliminating the need to settle for less-than-optimal settings.
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How to TIG Weld Aluminum, Plus MIG Weld, With One Multiprocess Welder

The Dynasty® 280 DX Multiprocess welder provides portability and ultimate versatility to weld many different materials.
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What Is Welding Arc-on Time and Are You Overestimating It?

Average arc-on time in most welding operations is 10%. Get five tips to increase arc-on time in MIG and advanced MIG welding.
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What Are Stickout, Electrode Extension and Contact-Tip-To-Work Distance?

Stickout and electrode extension are often used interchangeably. Learn more about the difference and how it impacts weld quality.
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Industry Demands Spark Welding Technology Changes

See how changes are driving companies to acquire solutions to help them maintain the highest levels of quality and productivity in welding operations.
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Improve Out-of-Position Welding Results With Pulsed MIG

Out-of-position welds can be challenging. Learn more about the benefits of switching to pulsed MIG for welding out of position.

Reducing Weld Costs and Turnaround Time: Current Technologies from Miller Maximize Productivity

Approximately 80% of the cost of a field weld is labor. Newer welding solutions have been developed to improve productivity.

Miller Accu-Pulse MIG Welding Program Slow Motion Demonstration at 400 IPM (3000 fps)

A demonstration of the Accu-Pulse MIG Welding Program in slow motion at 400 inches per minute (ipm).

RMD vs MIG (Short Circuit) at 200 ipm

A comparison of the Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD) process compared to short circuit MIG (GMAW) welding at 200 inches per minute (ipm).

Miller Explains Pulsed MIG Welding

View this short video on how pulsed MIG works and why it is beneficial compared to standard MIG welding.

RMD Welding Demo at 250 ipm

A Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD) welding demonstration at 250 inches per minute (ipm).

Short Arc to Pulsed MIG: Changing Processes With a Tap

Watch Roadster Shop fabricator Kellen Bain weld a spec Camaro chassis with the Multimatic® 255 multiprocess welder.

Check Weld Parameters and Travel Speed To Reduce Grinding

Proper weld parameters and travel speeds promote clean arc transfer and adequate fusion, helping to reduce unnecessary grinding.

How to Change Consumables on Your MDX™ MIG Gun

Learn how to change the nozzle, contact tip, gas diffuser or liner on your MDX-100 or MDX-250 MIG gun.

See How a Wider Operating Window Can Help Reduce Grinding

Pulsed MIG can deliver better fusion, a more forgiving arc and an up to 28% wider operating window over CV MIG to reduce grinding.

How to Replace Your MDX™ MIG Gun’s Handle, Switch and Neck

Learn how to replace the handle, switch or neck on your MDX-100 or MDX-250 MIG gun.

Remove Complexity With EZ-Set Technology

Remove complex setups and get great results with EZ-Set. It's included on Deltaweld® systems with Intellx™ Pro wire feeders.

Reduce Grinding With Proper Work and Travel Angles

See how using the proper work and travel angles can help reduce or eliminate unnecessary grinding in your welding operation.

Miller Multimatic 255: Built for Chassis Fabrication

The master fabricators at Roadster Shop rely on the Multimatic® 255 for MIG and TIG welding their in-demand chassis.

Pulsed MIG Improves 6061-T6 Aluminum Welding Performance

OMF Performance Products switched to a Pulsed MIG process and increased welding speed on aluminum by 35% with Millermatic 350P.

NEW Millermatic 255 Helps Reduce Downtime

Featuring a simple user interface and a smaller size, the Millermatic® 255 MIG welder maximizes productivity and reduces downtime.

Invision Series Overview

The Invision™ is an entry-level pulsed MIG solution for general manufacturing. Invision is easy to set up, it's cost-effective and versatile.

XMT 350 FieldPro Overview

The days of cluttered cables and multiple walks to get the job done are over - ArcReach technology will revolutionize the way you set up and manage welding on jobsites.

Auto-Continuum Series Overview

Our advanced industrial welding solution for automation, the Auto-Continuum™ Series, delivers advanced arc performance and weld quality.

Miller Deltaweld Systems: New Standard in Manufacturing

Reduce your welder training time, minimize spatter and rework — and ensure great results with a new Deltaweld system.

Continuum Series

Designed for advanced manufacturing, the Continuum™ Series comes in 350 and 500 amp models – both at 100% duty cycle.

Welding Process Changeover with Miller's PipeWorx

With multiprocess welding systems, process changeover takes five to 10 minutes. Operators usually need to change the welding lead (TIG torch to Stick electrode holder to wire feeder, etc.) as well as swap the work lead because different processes require different polarities. In pipe fabrication shops, MIG, Stick

Miller Pulsed/Multi-MIG Welding Options

An overview of Pulsed MIG and Multi-MIG welding processes.

Millermatic 255 and Multimatic 255: Think Simply. Weld Smarter.

Reduce downtime and increase productivity with the Millermatic® 255 MIG welder and Multimatic® 255 multiprocess welder.

Top Five Reasons to Consider Pulsed MIG Welding

Pulsed MIG welding provides a number of key advantages in welding applications. Jim Wynegar shares 5 reasons to consider Pulsed MIG welding in your operations.

Why Pipe Fabrication Industry Leaders Choose PipeWorx 400

From root to cap, the Miller® PipeWorx 400 system delivers increased productivity and quality for every pipe welded.

Miller® Deltaweld®: Make Your Move to More Possibilities

With Miller Deltaweld systems, you can reduce welder training time and minimize spatter and rework.

FieldPro™ Smart Feeder Increases Quality and Productivity in Field Pipe Welding Applications

With the new PipeWorx 350 FieldPro™ and FieldPro Smart Feeder, welders can now implement the same RMD and Pulse welding processes.

ArcReach Welding Technology Offers Benefits for Safety, Productivity and Quality

ArcReach remote control technology provides operators with the ability to set welding parameters at joint, and increases arc-on time for greater productivity.

Millermatic 211 Spool Gun Calibration Procedure for Auto-Set Aluminum Spool Gun Option

Watch step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Millermatic 211 calibration procedure.

5 Tips To Increase MIG Welding Arc-on Time

Most manufacturing operations only average 10% MIG arc-on time. Get five tips for improving arc-on time — and your bottom line.

Step Change Accu-Pulse Welding

A demonstration of the Accu-Pulse process.

Changing Polarity on Millermatic 211

Miller weld engineer Zach MacMullen explains how to change the polarity on a Millermatic® 211 MIG welder. Change from DC positive to DC negative.

Jetline Seam Trackers Simplify Welding and Improve Quality

See the Jetline® Tactile Seam Tracker system in action as it consistently positions the weld head for optimal arc performance.

MIG Welding Basics: What is Spray Arc Transfer?

Learn how spray transfer in MIG welding works and is especially beneficial for welding heavy plate and in high-volume manufacturing.

Improve Aluminum Wire Feeding With XR-AlumaFeed® System

Inconsistent wire feeding can cause birdnesting and other problems that result in time lost to liner changes and troubleshooting.

Load a Weld Program: Deltaweld Systems, Intellx Feeders

Less setup time, more welding time. It’s fast and easy to load a weld program on Deltaweld® systems with Intellx™ wire feeders.

MIG Welding Basics: What is Short Circuit Transfer?

Learn how short circuit transfer in MIG welding works, and its advantages on thin materials.

Deltaweld Arc Control Feature Helps Improve Weld Quality

Don’t change techniques; adjust the arc control feature for a stiff/fluid arc. On Deltaweld® power sources with Intellx™ feeders.

Selecting the Right Gun for Aluminum Welding

Guns designed specifically for aluminum welding are capable of feeding the soft wire, while also minimizing wire-feeding problems such as bird-nesting.

Basic MIG Welding Tips from Miller

Check out these basic MIG (GMAW) tips from Miller.

Miller's Axcess and Ultra Machine & Fabrication

Tim discusses the Axcess 450 welding system and the features that improve weld quality on MIL-A 46100 ballistic steel.

RMD on Carbon Steel Pipe

See a technical explanation of the techniques required to weld carbon steel pipe with the RMD Pro (MIG Modified Short Circuit) welding process.

RMD on Stainless Steel Pipe

Provides a technical explanation of the requirements to weld stainless steel (without backing gas) pipe with the RMD Pro.

Sportsfield Specialties and Pulsed MIG Welding with the New Millermatic 350P Aluminum

Sportsfield Specialties found solutions to their aluminum welding challenges when it implemented a Pulsed MIG welding process.

Getting the Full Benefits of Miller ArcReach Technology

When weld operators spend less time walking and more time welding, that’s a big productivity benefit.

Miller's AlumaFeed™ System Excels in Aluminum Shipbuilding

Bollinger Shipyards is able to simplify operation, improve productivity, improve quality, reduce distortion, and reduce bird nesting.

Accessories and Components to Help Solve Your Welding Problems

At Richard Childress Racing, fabricators address many welding challenges — just like you do in your shop or home garage.

Tips for Choosing the Right Welder for Your Application

It’s important to consider the input power available, material to be welded, and the prime window in which a specific machine operates best.

RMD, Pulsed MIG Welding and Metal Cored Wires Drive Excellence at Swartfager Welding, Inc.

Much of the work done by Swartfager Welding, Inc. involves pipe fabrication and other high-pressure applications.