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Truck Equipment Manufacturer Improves Employee Comfort and Performance with Powered Air Purifying Respirators

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A change to Miller® Powered Air Purifying Respirators helped increase comfort and productivity for Reading Truck Body employees.
Welding operator welding in the shop wearing Powered Air Purifying Respirator
Group of welding operators wearing Powered Air Purifying Respirator
Graphic of Powered Air Purifying Respirator

Respiratory protection 

Reading Truck Body, one of the leading and largest truck equipment manufacturers in the United States, has provided high-quality service truck and utility bodies to the construction market for over 65 years. As they continue to expand their operations, Reading Truck Body relies on the safety and performance of their employees to keep up with the high demand for their products. 
At their Oklahoma location, which employs 20-25 full-time welders who regularly weld with galvanized steel, it was identified that this location required respiratory protection that would improve safety, comfort and welder performance. 

Selection process 

Identifying which type of respiratory protection is needed based on the welding environment and workers’ needs is critical. When Reading Truck Body reviewed their options, they discovered that ventilation systems would not serve their needs because welders are spread throughout the shop and the overhead vents within the facility would disrupt air flow. Their Pennsylvania location had been using Miller® Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) and encouraged the Oklahoma team to make the investment as they were certain it would serve the company and welders needs. 

After careful comparison and having employees test out various PAPR options, it was clear which respiratory solution Reading Truck Body would choose. 

“Miller came in and did a presentation for us, going over proper wear and maintenance for their PAPR system, explained how it works, key features and benefits. They did a fantastic job and even provided contact information for their safety product manager to answer any questions we may have as we tested them out. We were able to trial a few PAPRs in-house and loved them ever since.” – Robert M., Purchasing Manager 

Important benefits for welders

Miller® PAPRs have an assigned protection factor (APF) of 25 and use a belt-mounted blower assembly to distribute filtered air through a breathing tube to the user’s welding helmet. Compatible with a Miller® T94-R™ or T94i-R™ industrial welding helmet, PAPRs are designed for optimal comfort and visibility so the welder keeps their system on throughout long work days, increasing arc-on time and maintaining compliance. With the exclusive Dualtec™ manifold system, each user can customize helmet airflow with a six-point air distribution system to maximize cooling through targeted air placement, providing heat stress relief. 

“The shade 5.0 side windows were a big selling point for us,” says Robert M. “Before the PAPRs employees were only able to see what was in front of them and now they have a peripheral advantage for increased visibility.”

“The placement of the breathing tube is excellent as it lays flat against their back, reducing lower back strain and fatigue. The weight distribution with the integrated shoulder straps was a huge improvement as it is more evenly distributed, increasing welder wearability and ensuring our welders are comfortable during their full shift. The comfort is just above and beyond. I am glad to have something that works so well and keeps employees comfortable in the shop.” Because of the increase in comfort levels, Reading Truck Body has seen a measurable increase in arc-on time, which has resulted in boosted productivity and performance in their shop.  

In addition to the side windows and lightweight well-balanced design, another compelling factor for Reading Truck Body was the battery charger. “Most systems only come with one replaceable battery, and it becomes expensive over time to keep purchasing replacements. Miller’s PAPR, came with two lithium-ion batteries and a battery charger. It was a saving grace to have a battery at all times,” says Robert. 

Do one thing and do it well

Maintaining a comfortable and compliant work environment for employees must be a high priority for many companies. Just like Reading Truck Body claims, “Do one thing and do it well,” Miller focuses on all things welding and our innovative safety solutions are made to protect the welder behind the hood and the environment in which they perform their job. Miller continues to develop and enhance welding safety products to provide comfort and protection around the clock. 

For further information on the Miller® PAPR or to place an order, contact your local distributor to keep your employees comfortable, safe and productive.