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Regular Maintenance Optimizes Performance of Work Truck Solutions

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Maintenance is critical to keeping a work truck solution running optimally. Consider these tips to get the most out of your EnPak®.
A worker with an EnPak work truck solution on the jobsite

EnPak® upkeep tips

Your EnPak is a workhorse on your truck — an all-in-one solution for powering tools, delivering compressed air, welding and more.

As with any vehicle or equipment that has an engine, maintenance is an important part of keeping your EnPak running optimally. As you conduct regular maintenance on your work truck, don’t forget about taking care of the equipment that supports your truck.

Preventive maintenance helps you optimize performance and avoid unplanned downtime. Consider these tips to get the most from your EnPak work truck solution.

Regular engine maintenance

The EnPak engine has several components that require regular maintenance. If you encounter a performance issue or the engine doesn’t seem to be running properly, the first step in troubleshooting is to walk through the maintenance checklist. In many cases, performance problems can be traced to a missed service interval.

Be sure to conduct daily checks of engine oil and coolant levels. It’s also important to regularly inspect the air filter, fuel filter, fan belt and tension.

For components that must be changed regularly, such as air filters, oil filters and fuel filters, the recommended intervals vary based on your EnPak model. For example, an oil change is recommended every 200 operating hours on the EnPak A60 and EnPak A30 Diesel, while it's every 100 hours on the EnPak A30.

The recommended intervals for each model can be found in the owner’s manual or on the maintenance label under the hood.

Keep in mind that some components, like the air filter, may need to be changed more frequently than recommended depending on the work conditions. A dusty, dirty environment can take a greater toll on the air filter.

It’s critical to avoid overfilling the engine oil, which can cause the machine to run low on power. Keep the oil within the operating range on the dipstick. It’s also good practice to change the fuel and air filters when you change the engine oil.

Regular compressor maintenance

The unit’s compressor also has components that require maintenance, including compressor oil, oil filter, coalescing filter and air filter.

Check the compressor oil level daily. The recommended compressor oil change interval for your model can be found in the owner’s manual or under the unit’s hood. Changing the coalescing filter with each oil filter change is also a good idea.

Just as with the engine air filter, the compressor air filter may require more frequent changing if you work in a dusty or dirty environment, such as a mining operation.

It’s important to use the proper compressor oil, compressor oil filter, compressor air filter and coalescing filter. Miller offers a rotary screw air compressor oil that is recommended for all EnPak models. Substituting a lower-quality compressor oil or filters can damage the compressor and cause serious problems — resulting in unplanned work outages.

Use maintenance kits

Miller has EnPak maintenance kits that provide everything you need for proper maintenance in one box. Stocking these kits is an easy way to stick to a maintenance routine and ensure your machine stays in optimal operating condition. Engine kits include oil filters, fuel filters and air filters. EnPak compressor kits include all the necessary filters as well as compressor oil.

Another maintenance need unique to the EnPak A30 is generator brushes. It’s easy to forget about these brushes because they tend to last a long time. It’s recommended to inspect the slip rings and brushes every 1,000 operating hours or annually. Whichever comes first. Brush changeover is based on brush length, and this frequency can also be impacted by working conditions.

The most important thing to remember is that maintenance is a necessity, and it impacts your bottom line. Neglecting regular maintenance on your EnPak can result in forced shutdown, unplanned downtime and can potentially void the warranty.