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Best-In-Class Submerged Arc
Welding Consumables

Hobart delivers proven performance with a wide range of submerged arc welding solutions to solve specific challenges. Solutions that grow and evolve along with your needs — solutions that can help grow your business. Hobart has a proven track record of helping our customers find the right filler metal for their unique needs. You’ll experience our passion for excellence in the precise formulations and exacting processes we use to produce filler metals and fluxes: consumables that produce consistent, repeatable submerged arc welding results you can count on to optimize your welding processes.

By partnering with Hobart, you’ll benefit from our vast industry experience. You’ll also benefit from the knowledge developed in our testing facilities, which include single and multi-wire installations to simulate and develop productive welding procedures for industrial segments, such as longitudinal and spiral pipe mills, wind tower production, pressure vessel fabrication and shipbuilding.

Hobart solutions include:
  • SWX – Submerged arc fluxes
  • SDX – Submerged arc solid wires
  • SubCOR® – Submerged arc cored wire
  • SubCOR® SL – Submerged seamless cored wires
  • Cromastrip – Submerged arc and electroslag strip cladding

Hobart delivers proven performance, solving specific challenges with a wide range of submerged arc welding solutions that can grow and evolve along with your needs. Learn more about Hobart submerged arc filler metals >>