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Submerged Arc Software Updates & Expansions

Updates Download the most up-to-date, innovative software solutions for your SubArc Digital Series power source instantly to a memory card for enhanced performance.

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Submerged Arc Software Download Instructions [PDF]

Software Update

SubArc Digital Series
Software Installation Instructions [PDF]

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  • P.REV:  1.08
  • D.REV
    • SID Serial Number ME160358V-MH010348G:  0.03
    • SID Serial Number After MH010349G:  1.00
  • M.REV:  1.02
  • A.REV:  1.02
  • T.REV:  1.01
(301291G effective May 1, 2018)
 In this update:
  • Minor bug fixes.






Includes these previous revision changes:
  • Changed held button check for the stop button from active to ignored.
  • Corrected minor bug in AC balance selection with a SubArc AC/DC 1000/1250 Digital power source.
  • Changed terminal strip current feedback to only show master’s output current when power sources are connected in parallel.
  • Added capability of Constant Current (CC) process when using the Modbus interface.
  • Improved current and voltage feedback signals for Insight Core™ and Modbus functionality.
  • Added capability to select AC balances when using the power source terminal strip or a SubArc Interface Analog with a SubArc AC/DC 1000/1250 Digital Power Source.
  • Improved cladding and electroslag performance when using a Strip Drive 100
  • Added capability to read present wire feed speed and present program number from the MODBUS interface.
  • Added ability to update the Tractor Interface Digital software.

Calibration SubArc Digital Series
Calibration Installation Instructions [PDF]

Download Calibration Option File >>
(301294A effective April 30, 2015)

This file, when downloaded and placed on an SD Card, provides the capability for SubArc Digital Power Source calibration. 

AC Balance Selection

SubArc Digital Series
AC Balance Selection Installation Instructions [PDF]

Download AC Balance Selection Feature File >>
(301292A effective April 30, 2015)

This file, when downloaded and placed on an SD Card, allows user selection of AC balances when controlling an AC/DC Digital Power Source through the power source terminal strip or when using a SubArc Interface Analog.