Think Simply with Multimatic 255 Multiprocess Welder | MillerWelds

No More Complicated, Limited-Capability Machines. Get the Multimatic® 255.

Using multiple, complicated, single-purpose machines causes downtime. Think simply and weld smarter with the easy-to-use Multimatic® 255. One machine handles all weld processes — and boosts productivity.



Solve Productivity and Downtime Problems

Simple user interface

Complicated machines cause downtime. With its simple user interface, the Multimatic 255 lets welders of all skill levels work more efficiently — and it cuts setup and changeover time in half.


Fast, accurate parameter settings

Using trial and error to set weld parameters wastes time and causes rework. Auto-Set™ Elite makes it easy to quickly select the right parameters and make great welds.


The only machine you need

Eliminate the hassles of moving multiple heavy welding power sources. The Multimatic 255 handles MIG, stick, DC TIG, DC pulsed TIG and pulsed MIG — and it's easy to move with its simple, detachable cart..

Programmable memory settings

witching from one weld task to another can be a time-consuming process. With programmable memory settings, the Multimatic 255 makes it fast and easy.

See How the Simple-To-Use Multimatic® 255 Welds Smarter