Think Simply with Millermatic 255 MIG Welder | MillerWelds

Be More Productive With the Millermatic® 255

Large, old welding equipment slows work down. Give your welders advanced features to improve productivity and weld quality — all in a compact, easy-to-use machine. 
The Millermatic 255: Think simply. Weld smarter.



Smart Ways to Simplify Welding

Easy to use for great results

With a user-friendly interface and Auto-Set™ Elite, it’s quick and simple to select the right parameters — and make high-quality welds.


Less spatter

Pulsed MIG minimizes spatter, reducing non-productive tasks like applying anti-spatter chemicals and grinding.


Quicker, easier program changes

The optional EZ Select gun lets welders change programs with the touch of a button, cutting non-productive time from the workday.


Smaller footprint enhances versatility

Because it’s smaller than other machines in its class, the Millermatic 255 makes it easier to work in small spaces — and it can go more places, so welders can handle more tasks with a single machine.

Watch the Advanced, Easy-to-Use Millermatic® 255