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Multimatic® 255 Owner Resources

Welcome to Your Ultimate Multimatic® 255 Guide

Your Multimatic 255 is one of the most versatile multiprocess welders in the industry. We created this page to help you get even more from your welder! Here's where you can find setup videos, tips and techniques, project ideas, accessories and much more.

Setup Videos

Quick Tips for Setting MIG Welding Parameters

Learn how to set parameters when MIG welding so you get the best-looking welds possible, every time.

Tips for Maintaining Your MIG Welder

Regular welder maintenance will keep your machine performing in top shape. Follow these tips for common welder maintenance.

How to Change Nozzle, Tip, Diffuser, and Liner with Set Screw for MDX™ MIG Guns

Follow some simple step-by-step instructions to change AccuLock™ consumables on MDX™ MIG guns and gain an optimal wire feeding path.