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Liquid-Cooled Cables

The ProHeat 35 Liquid-Cooled Induction Heating System provides a highly versatile tool for preheating, stress relieving, hydrogen bake out, and post weld heat treat in a variety of pipe diameters and even flat plate.
  • In general, shorter cables are used from smaller diameter pipe and are easier to handle and set-up. Longer cables are used for larger diameter pipe or small pressure vessels and tanks.
  • Great for preheat application on geometrics that prevent use of air-cooled blankets.
Improved working environment is created during welding. Welders are not exposed to open flame, explosive gases and hot elements associated with fuel gas heating and resistance heating.

Easy set-up is achieved using flexible heating cables combined with user-friendly insulation blankets.

On-board temperature control provides for manual or temperature based programming in a simple-to-learn operator interface.

Uniform heating is maintained along and through the heat zone by using induction to heat within the material. The surface of the part is not marred by localized conducted heat at higher than specified temperatures.

Time-to-temperature is faster than conventional processes due to the method of applying heat, reducing cycle time.