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System 3D Models

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ProHeat™ System

 ProHeat™ 35 Power Source   .sldprt  .x_t  .Step  .sat
 ProHeat™ Heavy-Duty Cooler   .sldprt  .x_t  .Step  .sat
 External Heat Exchanger   .sldprt  .x_t  .Step  .sat
 Digital Recorder (12-Channel model)   .sldprt  .x_t  .Step  .sat
 Infrared Air Filter 265149   .sldprt  .x_t  .Step  .sat
 Infrared Connection Box 265916   .sldprt  .x_t  .Step  .sat
 Casters 209479   .sldprt  .x_t  .Step  .sat

Rolling Inductor w/IR & Travel Detect

Rolling Inductor 301117 .sldprt .x_t .Step .sat
Infrared Temperature Sensor 265181 .sldprt .x_t .Step .sat
Rolling Inductor Travel Detect 266226 .sldprt .x_t .Step .sat
Rolling Inductor Mounting Arm 264074 .sldprt .x_t .Step .sat