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ArcReach® Product Selector Guide

Whether you need the full range of ArcReach benefits or just remote-control functionality, this guide helps you find the right solution by comparing welding processes and the ArcReach equipment that supports them.

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Compatible Accessories

The chart below makes it fast and easy to see which ArcReach accessories are compatible with new and previous-generation ArcReach power sources and engine-driven welders.
ArcReach® Compatible Big Blue® or Trailblazer® Engine-Drives
XMT® 350 FieldPro™
XMT® 350 FieldPro™ with polarity reversing
XMT® 650 ArcReach® Systems
XMT® 650 ArcReach® Systems with polarity reversing
Current ArcReach® Product Offerings
ArcReach SuitCase® 8/12 feeders (MIG/FCAW) X X X X X
ArcReach® Smart Feeders (RMD®/Pulsed MIG) X X X
ArcReach® Stick/TIG Remote X X X X
ArcReach® Stick/TIG Remote Polarity Reversing X
Previous ArcReach® Product Offerings
SuitCase® X-TREME™ Feeders 8VS/12VS X X X X X
FieldPro™ Smart Feeder (RMD/Pulsed MIG) X X X
FieldPro™ Remote X

Note: ArcReach SuitCase feeders are compatible with standard power sources and engine-driven welders, but function as standard equipment without remote-control capabilities. Remote-control functionality is available when ArcReach accessories are paired with previous-generation ArcReach machines or ArcReach-capable engine-driven welders. To receive the full range of ArcReach benefits — including Cable Length Compensation (CLC™) and Adjust While Welding (AWW™) — pair ArcReach accessories with XMT 350 FieldPro and XMT 650 ArcReach Systems.