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Anatomy of a Manufacturing Plant

All Production Operations Have Challenges. You Can Solve Them.

Manufacturing operation challenges like rework, a lack of skilled welders and poor material quality or part fit-up can slow productivity and cost money. Whether these challenges are in the front office, upstream, in the weld cell or downstream, Miller can help you find solutions to address them.

Upstream and Front Office

Poor fit-up:

Accu-Pulse® is more forgiving to variations in part fit-up, reducing your issues downstream.

Dirty material:

Reduce time and costs of material prep. Mill scale, dirt and oil? Hobart® metal-cored wires weld right through them.

Remote visibility:

When you can't be on the floor, make data-driven improvements with Insight Centerpoint™ and Insight Core™.

Weld Cell

Equipment limitations:

Don't let outdated welding equipment limit your ability to take new jobs. Deltaweld® systems with Intellx™ Elite wire feeders have multi-material capabilities.

Take control:

Ensuring that your operators stay within procedures is easy with locks and limits on Intellx™ Elite wire feeders. Guide operators through the weld process and monitor each weld with Insight Centerpoint™.

Weld cell environment:

Attract young welders with the right environment using Bernard® Clean Air™ fume extraction guns on FILTAIR® fume extraction systems. PAPRs provide industrial respiratory protection for operators. Keep your welders cool with our CoolBelt™ belt-mounted helmet cooling system.

Skilled labor shortage:

A lack of skilled welders may be slowing down production — or increasing training and rework time. Get your new operators into production faster with our full line of training solutions.

Rethink your skills gap and get more out of your operation with the Copilot™ Collaborative Welding System.


Cut down on scrap:

Save time and money and catch weld issues before they leave the weld cell with Insight Centerpoint™.

Make burn-through and poor fusion things of the past by keeping operators within optimal parameter ranges with locks and limits on Intellx™ Elite feeders.

Minimize rework and grinding:

Stop wasting time: Switch to Accu-Pulse® on Deltaweld® systems for reduced spatter and a wider operating window.

Reduce clean-up and improve bead appearance with Hobart® FabCOR® Edge™ XP metal-cored wire.