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Jetline® 6' x 6' Weld Head Locator

Jetline manipulators allow for simplified torch positioning when parts vary in shape and size. The column includes 360° rotation, allowing it to rotate and position the welding head over multiple welding positioners or other fixtures. The motorized boom is powered vertical and horizontally. The horizontal motion can be used as a welding axis for linear joints.





Jetline 6 x 6 Manipulator
Provides 6 ft. of vertical and horizontal travel to position the weld head for circumferential or linear welding applications. The Jetline 6 x 6 Manipulator has a weight capacity of 500 lbs.
Multiple Base Options
Jetline Manipulators include standard cross base or optional manual or powered travel cart bases can be provided. Optional tracks are available in 10ft increments for cart bases.
High Precision Movement
Jetline manipulators come standard with linear rails, for precision boom movement for linear welding.
Multiple Control System Options
Jetline manipulators are available with 9900 Series computer based or 9700 Series micro-processor based controllers to meet your application requirements.   Learn More
Available Options
Available options include:
  • Arc Length/Voltage Control (GTAW/PAW)
  • Cold & Hot Wire Feed Systems
  • Magnetic and Mechanical Oscillators
  • Seam Tracking
  • Cross Slide (manual and motorized)
  • 90 deg swivel
  • 90 deg bracket
  • Cable Management
  • Integrated Miller weld process package
3 Year Warranty
Jetline systems are covered by our three-year limited warranty.



Plasma Arc Welding (PAW)

General Specifications

Title Jetline® 6' x 6' Weld Head Locator