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See What’s New From Miller at FABTECH 2022

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Check out the latest technologies to increase productivity, empower welders and improve weld quality.
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APPLETON, Wis. (Sept. 13, 2022)Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller® brand arc welding products, will showcase its latest welding and safety equipment for the manufacturing, fabrication and construction industries at FABTECH 2022, Nov. 8-10 in Atlanta. 

“Miller is excited to return to FABTECH to showcase cutting-edge welding solutions that help manufacturers and fabricators of all sizes improve weld quality and add value through enhanced productivity,” says Dave Lambert, Group President, ITW Welding. 

Stop by booths C12511 and C12711 to take part in demos and see the newest welding products and technologies, featuring Miller arc welding, automation and safety products; Hobart® filler metals; Bernard® semi-automatic MIG guns; and Tregaskiss® robotic MIG guns. 

At the “Leave Your Imprint” interactive area, booth visitors can leave their unique weld on a steel fingerprint. After the show, the completed steel fingerprint will be on display at Miller headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin. 

See the Miller solutions NEW in 2022 to be displayed with live demos at the show.  

Products with live demos: 

  • Millermatic® 355 MIG welder: Designed for fabricators and manufacturers who need to MIG weld a wide variety of materials, this machine welds up to ½-inch aluminum, stainless and mild steel and connects to any North American input power. A 7-inch color LCD screen is easy for users to navigate to ensure proper setup and parameter selection. Auto-Set™ Elite offers predefined weld settings to ensure the job is done right for operators of all skill levels.

  • Multimatic® 255 multiprocess welder: Delivers MIG, pulsed MIG, stick, DC Lift-Arc™ TIG and DC pulsed TIG capabilities to help reduce downtime and increase productivity. A 7-inch color LCD display ensures proper machine setup and parameter selection. A cast aluminum, two drive roll system with interchangeable drive rolls provides consistent wire feeding from start to finish. 

  • Dynasty® 210 and Dynasty® 300 TIG welders: Reimagined Dynasty TIG welders provide the unrivaled precision arc performance of the Dynasty, now paired with an intuitive user interface to unlock advanced capabilities. A color LCD display features dynamic on-screen images showing how parameter adjustments will affect the weld, so refinements can be made before striking an arc. 

  • Deltaweld® systems with Intellx™ wire feeders: Delivers pulsed MIG capabilities to help operations reduce welder training time, minimize spatter and rework, and improve weld quality. Deltaweld systems pair with the Intellx family of wire feeders, including the new Intellx Elite feeder, which welds steel, stainless, aluminum and more — so operations can take on more jobs with one feeder. 


  • XR-AlumaFeed® SuitCase® wire feeder: Consistently delivers premium feeding performance and portability to ensure high weld quality and keep welders in production. Balanced and ergonomic gun design allows operators to weld aluminum all day, while the impact-resistant and flame-retardant case provides durability for the toughest jobsites. 

  • Hercules™ welding system: Significantly boosts welding productivity rates without the expense of adding more automated welding cells. This single-wire, high-deposition, automated MIG welding system delivers a gain of up to 30% or more in deposition rate with corresponding productivity improvement and no loss of weld quality.

Safety/training products

  • ClearLight 2.0 Lens Technology: This welding helmet lens offers the most realistic view that’s clearer and brighter — before, during and after every weld. A 3.0 light state provides a brighter light state that allows operators to keep their hood down between welds and non-welding tasks, improving safety and productivity. 

  • Hard Hat PAPR with T94iH-R™ helmet: Provides respiratory protection plus a higher level of head protection. Equipped with an MSA V-Gard® hard hat with a “V” design that deflects objects and provides added protection during the event of impact. A 44-square-inch integrated HDV grind shield provides a larger, clear viewing area for grinding and other tasks. 

  • MobileArc™ augmented reality welding system: Introduces students to welding through an easy-to-use, hands-on augmented reality experience. Portable and intuitive, the system delivers highly-realistic welding simulation that’s easy enough for students to learn independently — so instructors can maximize efficiency. 

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