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The Capture Zone Redefined

ZoneFlow™ Fume Extraction Technology

Increase arc-on time. Boost productivity. Improve compliance.

What if you could create a weld fume capture zone that’s three times larger than traditional fume extraction systems provide? With ZoneFlow™ Technology, operators no longer need to constantly adjust the arm to keep it close to the source for effective fume capture. They can focus on welding and stay in their zone.

Large Capture Zone

Designed specifically for welding, ZoneFlow™ Technology captures weld fume up to five feet from the arc compared to traditional systems requiring the hood to be placed within 18 inches from the arc for effective fume capture.

How Does ZoneFlow™ Technology Work?

ZoneFlow™ is a patented airflow technology that creates an extraction zone where the air on the inside of the zone has lower pressure than the air on the outside. The air pressure difference causes weld fume to get funneled to the center of the extraction arm, maximizing the weld fume capture distance.

Increase productivity by up to 22%

Did you know that on average, weld operators spend only twenty percent1 of their time welding? The rest of their time is spent doing other non-welding tasks.

By maintaining an effective fume capture zone up to five-feet from the arc, operators can significantly reduce interactions with the arm, increasing arc-on time — and boosting productivity and compliance.

Person welding with a traditional fume capture technology. Text on the image reads: "Traditional System: 12–18 inch capture"

Person welding with ZoneFlow™ Technology. Text on the image reads: "ZoneFlow™ Technology: up to 5 foot capture"

Cleaner Environment

ZoneFlow™ Technology makes it easier to maintain a cleaner environment, helping to achieve compliance.

A 5-foot capture zone means operators don’t need to constantly adjust the arm over their weld piece to maintain an effective capture zone, increasing user acceptance and fume capture.

A person MIG welding and using ZoneFlow™ technology fume extraction

ZoneFlow™ Systems

ZoneFlow™ Technology is available on a variety of FILTAIR® extraction systems, including wall-mount options that can free up floor space and eliminate cord hazards.

OSHA's Hierarchy of Controls

Fume extraction equipment is a key part of OSHA’s Hierarchy of Controls for weld fume management. Click the button below to learn more about OSHA's Hierarchy of Controls.