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How To Videos

Intellx Elite Wire Feeder: Software Updates

Follow these steps to update the software/firmware on your Deltaweld system so you’re up to date and back to welding quickly.

Intellx Elite Wire Feeder: Admin Menu

Follow these instructions to access and set memory locks, parameter limits and system locks on the feeder to deliver more control — ensuring proper parameters for optimal performance on every weld.

Intellx Elite Wire Feeder: Fine-Tune the Weld

Follow these instructions to locate the sequence menu and adjust your pre-flow, run-in, profile pulse, crater fill, burnback, post flow and other weld sequence features.

Intellx Elite Feeder: Spindle, Support and Drive Position

Your welding application may require you to change the hub location, spool location or drive rotation on your Intellx Elite wire feeder. Watch for a short tutorial on how to adjust these locations for optimized results.

Intellx Elite Wire Feeder: Configuring the Gun Trigger

Watch this short video to see how to configure the trigger for trigger control, trigger hold, trigger memory select or dual schedule functions.

Intellx Elite Wire Feeder Loading a Weld Program

Follow these simple steps to load a weld program on the Intellx Elite wire feeder to select your weld process, wire type, wire size and gas.

Intellx Elite Wire Feeder: Memory Copy and Paste

Follow these short instructions to choose the memory program you would like to copy, and paste it into a new memory location.

3D Models Installation, Setup

SolidWorks 3D Exterior Shell Models

(Note: To view the SolidWorks files below, you must first save the STEP file to your computer by right-clicking the icon and "save target as". eDrawings Viewer must be installed on your PC.)

    907747 Deltaweld 350, Shell Only 
    907785 Deltaweld 500
    301492 Intellx Pro 
    301540 Intellx Pro Dual