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Integrator 3D Models Installation, Setup

SolidWorks 3D Exterior Shell Models

For use by integrators planning installation setup.
(Note: To view the SolidWorks files below, you must first save the STEP file to your computer by right-clicking the icon and "save target as". eDrawings Viewer must be installed on your PC.)
 Auto-Continuum Power Source
 Auto-Continuum Wire Drive
     Continuum Semi-Auto Feeder Base
     Continuum Water Cooler
     300013 Wire Drive Robot Mounting Bracket, Motoman/FANUC/KUKA
     300375 Mounting Bracket, Motoman EA1400 Motor 
     300376 Mounting Bracket, Motoman EA1900 Motor
     300483 FANUC Robot 100 & 120IC Wire Drive Mounting Bracket
     301275 Mounting Bracket, KUKA KR16 HW Motor
     301276 Mounting Bracket, ABB 1600 Motor
     301277 Mounting Bracket, ABB 2600 Motor
     301282 Mounting Bracket, KUKA KR5 HW Motor
     301547 Auto-Continuum Analog Interface Box
     301195 Continuum Single Feeder
     301199 Continuum Dual Feeder 
     301215 Continuum Wire Drive Right
     301216 Continuum Wire Drive Left
     301227 Continuum ROI
     907636 Continuum 350 230-575V

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