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Multimatic 255 Welders Software Updates


Release Notes

In Current Update Version 1.7

New Software Versions

Weld Controller - 83685

Release Notes

  • Fixes bug related to run-in and burnback


In Update Version 1.6:

New Software Versions

User Interface – 82896

Release Notes:

  • Added "skip" indication on QR code screen.
  • Improved error message guidance when a software version mismatch exists between circuit boards.

In Update Version 1.5:

New Software Versions

User Interface – 82134
Weld Controller – 82134
Graphics – 0x5DF6B757
Weld Programs – 0x2E142B59

Release Notes:

  • Enhanced Performance:
    • Weld starts when welding aluminum
    • MIG crater
  • New Standard Features Added:
    • QR code screen on power-up screen that links to product page for helpful tips and tricks. (Note: this screen can be skipped by pressing one of the bottom buttons on the UI)
    • Duty cycle status indication on home screen
    • Input voltage phase indication on home screen
    • Arc Control adjustment accessible from home screen
    • Electronic parameter chart on home screen to allow for quick parameter setting
    • Metal Core weld program support
    • Adjustable MIG hot start setting
    • System menu setting for locks and limits
    • System menu setting to enable/disable Auto-Set feature
    • System menu setting to enable/disable Stick/TIG processes for Multimatic 255
    • System menu setting to control connection diagrams enable/disable/timeout
    • System menu setting to enable/disable remove WFS potentiometer for spoolguns and push-pull guns
    • Extended EZ-Select (trigger-tap) program select to support all MIG guns, spoolguns, and push-pull guns
    • Remote potentiometer WFS adjustment functionality for spoolguns and push-pull guns in Auto-Set
    • Support for user defined programs for spoolguns and push-pull guns
    • Dedicated support for Pistol-Pro push-pull gun
    • MK Python push-pull gun support
    • Trigger hold (2T)
    • Foldback indication, consisting of feedback values turning red when machine foldback activates
  • Reduced minimum WFS to 25 IPM to allow for slower run-in values
  • Added more information to the USB service export

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