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End User License Agreement & Third-Party Software Notice

Your equipment uses software in its operation.  The software is included with your purchased Miller equipment.   

By using, downloading or installing the software, you hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement (“EULA”).  Your right to use the software is conditioned on compliance with the EULA.

It is possible your equipment may contain third-party software, including open source software. Check below for any licensing information or notices pertaining to third-party software for your specific equipment.

Product Notification and License Terms
for Included Third-Party Software

ArcAgent for Insight Core  EULA, Third-Party   Software
ArcReach Heater   Third-Party Software
ArcReach Heater Data Application  Third-Party Software
AugmentedArc  EULA
Bobcat 230  Third-Party Software
Bobcat 265  Third-Party Software
CST 282  Third-Party Software
Deltaweld Systems and Intellx Wire Feeders  Third-Party Software
EnPak A60  Third-Party Software
Insight Centerpoint 10  EULA, Third-Party   Software
Insight Core  Third-Party Software
Insight for Deltaweld   EULAThird-Party   Software
Millermatic 142  Third-Party Software
Millermatic 252  Third-Party Software
Millermatic/Multimatic 255
 Third-Party Software
Millermatic 355 Third-Party Software
MobileArc  EULA
Multimatic 235  Third-Party Software
Trailblazer 330  Third-Party Software