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Insight for Deltaweld Open Source Software Instructions

1.  Development Environment Setup

Instructions for setting up a development environment to build code for the Insight for Deltaweld product can be found on the Digi website here:

Follow all the instructions for “Application development” and “Yocto system development” with the “ccimx6ulsbc” as the target device.  After completing these steps, all required open source software will have been be installed.


2.  Install Build Customizations

a. The default Yocto installed above has been customized for the Insight board and firmware.  The customized Yocto layers can be found in the
following archive:

  Custom Yocto Layer Archive

b. Modify the paths in the custom layers as required to correspond to the installation.

c. To utilize the custom layers, copy and replace the files from the following archive into the Yocto build conf folder created in step 1


3.  Install Insight Binaries and Support Files

a. The Insight binaries and support files can be found in the following archive:

  Insight Binaries and Support Files

b. Place the binaries in the path specified in the custom Yocto layer (step 2.b)


4.  Build Binaries

Execute bitbake on the “core-image-base” recipe from the build folder created in step 1.


5.  Install Binaries on Insight Hardware

The build images can be found in the build folder: <build folder>/tmp/deploy/images/ccimx6starter
a. Edit the script “install_linux_fw_sd.scr” to remove the line that resets the environment variables to their defaults (“env default -a”)
b. Copy the script and the files referenced by the script to a micro SD card. 
c. Replace the SD card on the Insight board with the one created in step b.
d. Reset the board to load the binaries on the device.


6.  Links to OSS Licenses

A link to an archive containing all the applicable open source license agreements pertaining to the Insight kernel, file system, and applications can be found here:

Insight License Archive