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AugmentedArc Software Updates

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It is possible that your Miller equipment may contain third-party software, including open source software.  Check the bottom portion of the EULA web page for any licensing information or notices pertaining to third-party software for your specific Miller equipment. 

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AugmentedArc software updates contain useful new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. All software updates are free!

Included within the update file is the latest Teacher Software and latest Simulator Software. 
Both the Simulator Software and Teacher Software must be updated together to maintain compatibility between them.

The current Simulator Software version is 2.1.0.  To check if you have the latest version, login to your AugmentedArc system as an administrator, go to System Settings.  The Software Version number is listed under the System Information section.

The current Teacher Software version is 2.1.0.  To check if you have the latest version, login to your Teacher Software.  The version number is listed in the title bar of the software.

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If updating from V1.3.1 or earlier 

(Note: You will first need to upgrade to V2.0.3 and then upgrade to V2.1.0)

If updating from V2.0.0 or later 

Release Notes

In current updates:

Simulator Software

  • Distance Learning Mode allows students to use the simulator offline and have new data synched when reconnected to the classroom network
  • Improved arc characteristics and puddle graphics for GMAW, GTAW, and SMAW
  • Improved rendering of spatter for SMAW
  • New visual guide for filler rod consumption using the GTAW process. 
  • New option to require that slag must be removed between passes or stops (SMAW, FCAW)
  • New options available for configuring audio output for helmet or HDMI monitor
  • General usability enhancements, bug fixes, and standardization

Teacher Software

  • Teacher Software walk-through tour with integrated help videos
  • Transfer mode override option (Short Circuit, Globular, and Spray) for custom exercises using GMAW/FCAW processes.
  • Import/export of modules, courses, and student lists
  • Default to most recent download path when saving a report
  • Option to add simulation screenshot to exercise report

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