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AugmentedArc Software Updates

AugmentedArc software updates contain useful new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. All software updates are free!

Included within the update file is the latest Teacher Software and latest Simulator Software. 
Both the Simulator Software and Teacher Software must be updated together to maintain compatibility between them.

The current Simulator Software version is 1.3.  To check if you have the latest version, login to your AugmentedArc system as an administrator, go to System Settings.  The Software Version number is listed under the System Information section.

The current Teacher Software version is 1.3.23.  To check if you have the latest version, login to your Teacher Software.  The version number is listed in the title bar of the software.

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(V1.3 effective Jun-15-2018)

Please review the upgrade guide detailing many of the important changes involved with this software update:
Download V1.3 Upgrade Guide >>

In this update:
  • Spanish and French translations for Simulator Software and Teacher Software.
  • Improvements to AR tracking consistency and accuracy:
    • Support for updated AR components (MIG and TIG AR nozzles, coupons)
    • Support for using higher camera resolution for improved tracking accuracy
    • New tracking configuration options to select mono or stereo tracking
  • Aim guide for improved depth perception
  • Teacher Software password can be changed
  • General usability enhancements, bug fixes, and standardization