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ArcReach® 16 Wire Feeder:
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  1. ArcReach 16


    The ArcReach® 16 wire feeder base model is equipped with a simple interface that allows operators to adjust parameters at the point of use with no control cords. Switch between welding and gouging with a push of a button with no need to swap leads or disconnect. It can also handle large-diameter wire (3/32).
  2. ArcReach 16 Shop Cart 01

    ArcReach® 16 w/Cart

    The ArcReach® 16 wire feeder preassembled shop cart model provides easy shop mobility with low clearance. Handle doubles as a cable holder.
  3. ArcReach 16 Field Roller

    ArcReach® 16 Field Roller

    The field model has integrated field rollers, spool cover, hanging bail, and cable holder. Designed to go over pan decking and surfaces.

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