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P100 Filters, Nuisance OV Relief, Pair

Provides 99.97% filtration of airborne particles and oil aerosols in addition to nuisance level odor relief
$16.49 Manufacturer Suggested Price (USD)


99.97% Filtration of Airborne Particles
P100 filters are strongly resistant to oil and provide filtration of airborne particulate including solid dust particles, metal fumes and mists. Wrap-around spark guard protects filter media from sparks and other debris.
Offers Nuisance Level Organic Vapor Relief
Nuisance Level Relief refers to concentrations not exceeding OSHA's PELs or other applicable government occupational exposure limits, whichever is lower
Ideal protection for most welding applications
Filters provide protection from Hexavalent Chromium (Stainless Steel), Zinc Oxide (Galvanized Steel), Manganese, Aluminum, Nickel, Iron Oxide, Copper, Cadmium, Lead and Beryllium fumes.
Exclusive Filter Design
Pleated filter design allows for greater surface area to ease breathing resistance. Patented filter media maximizes efficiency regardless of humidity, extending filter life.


General Specifications

Title P100 Filters, Nuisance OV Relief, Pair
Warranty Miller's True Blue Warranty