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MIG Welding 101

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Last month, in the first of our four-part series, we covered gas welding. This month we’ll continue by delving into MIG welding—far and away the most popular welding process used for classic trucks.
MIG welding application image

When electric welding was perfected it was clearly a game changer, but it took a few years for MIG welding machines to become small and affordable enough to be practical for hobbyists and small shops. Today, you can get machines not much larger than a bread box that have all the power you need for any truck project.

The beauty of the MIG process is that it’s very easy to learn. You simply point the tip of the gun where you want to make a weld, pull the trigger, and the gun initiates the welding current and the flow of shielding gas, feeding the filler wire automatically. When you release the trigger, the weld stops immediately. It’s almost as easy as using a caulking gun!

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