Advancements in Weld Processes: Benefits and Opportunities

Advancements in Weld Processes: Benefits and Opportunities

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Equipment manufacturers have responded to changes in the industry by introducing more advanced welding processes to help drive improvements and give companies a competitive edge.
Weld process advancements
weld process advancements

As the manufacturing and fabrication industries evolve, so must welding equipment. Power source manufacturers have responded with the introduction of advanced welding processes. In addition to addressing the needs of welding new materials — ranging from thinner gauge, advanced and high-strength alloys to coated materials — these processes are helping companies stay competitive, as they look to improve their productivity and quality. 

In fact, many companies today are turning to advanced welding processes to help increase plant capacity — often with less labor — and to expand their capabilities. This means they may now weld multiple part designs and, often, use a variety of materials they may not be as familiar with. The benefits of an advanced welding arc can help smooth the transition, ultimately allowing companies to enter into new markets and grow their business.

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Updated: May 12, 2020
Published: October 14, 2016