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Outdated Equipment Slows Production. Do More Work. Reduce Costs. Get Current.

Yesterday’s machines hold your operation back. It’s time to get current with new Miller® Syncrowave 300 and 400 TIG welding power sources! Simple to set up, easy to use and energy-efficient, these smaller and lighter machines are ready to help you get more done — and improve your bottom line.

Get Current With Multiple Benefits to Boost Your Business

New Syncrowave 300 and 400 TIG welding power sources are ready to deliver the advantages you need for a more productive, more competitive business.

Simple Setup Icon
Old power sources are difficult to set up, wasting time. New Syncrowave machines are simple to set up and have exclusive Pro-Set™ technology, which allows one-touch parameter setting to increase productivity.
Easy To Use Icon
Complicated power sources can actually slow work down if your welders don’t understand how to use them. Syncrowave machines have an intuitive user interface, so they’re simpler to operate and more work gets done.
Energy-Effecient Icon
Outdated machines consume more primary power, which drives up costs. New Syncrowave machines are up to 33% more energy-efficient than older machines, improving your bottom line.
Stable Arc Icon
With older and outdated machines, maintaining arc stability can be difficult, resulting in lower productivity and higher costs. New Syncrowave machines have more stable arcs, making it easy for any welder to get more done and do better work.
Smaller Footprint Icon
Big, heavy power sources get in the way and are hard to move, making it more difficult for welders to do their jobs. Smaller, lighter Syncrowave machines improve workplace conditions.

AC Frequency Control – Tailor the Arc to Your Application

Gain greater arc arc control, particularly when welding aluminum. Syncrowave® 300 and 400 feature AC Frequency Control. The higher the frequency setting, the narrower the arc cone and more direction of control. This is particularly useful when welding in tight corners and for precise welds. A lower frequency creates a soft, wide arc which could be used for outside corner or buildup work.

A person TIG welding, using the AC Frequency Control setting on a Miller Syncrowave machine for precise welds