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TIG Software Updates

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Dynasty 210/280/300/400/800

Maxstar 161/210/280/400/800

Syncrowave 210/300/400

Release Notes

In current update: 

Dynasty/Maxstar 400/800 Models:

  • Bug fix for Cooler power error
  • Release supporting the LCD User Interface

Dynasty 210/300 Models:

  • General updates

Syncrowave 400 Models:

  • General updates

Also includes previous revision changes:

Dynasty & Maxstar Models:

  • QuietPulse™ enabled with memory card (For Maxstar machines manufactured prior to serial number: ND040985L)
  • Cooler priming timer extended
  • New Standard Features Added:
    • "Remote hold" for TIG lift-arc process (Maxstar 161) 
    • Ability to crater out for "remote hold" turn on/off from tech menu (Maxstar 161)
    • Cooler operation modes and Cooler-On-Demand™ - turn cooler off during extended non-weld time and in stick mode (for capable models) (280)
    • 4Tm (modified) trigger method (210/280/400/800)
  • Bug fix for nuisance primary overtemp error (280 serial numbers MJ380357L and higher are most likely to experience this)
  • Fixes relating to "not valid" error and lock function
  • Automatic polarity change for FCAW/GMAW (280 DX Multiprocess)
  • Improved AC Arc stating (210/280/400/800)
  • Fixes for premature weld termination in automated applications (400/800)
  • Improvements to TIG Lift-Arc™ (210/280/400/800)
  • New expansion feature - AC independent (activated via purchased expansion memory card) (210/280)
  • Cooler power deactivated in stick models (280)
  • Display indicator of [AVAC] as indicator of AC amperage (rectified average) (280)
  • Improved start characteristics for welding anodized aluminum (280)
  • Improvements to SMAW (stick) starts for select models (280)

Syncrowave Models:

  • Addition of AC frequency adjustment (300/400)
  • Changes to pulse parameters (300/400)
  • Additional diagnostic checks when switching processes (210)
  • Fix for errors resulting from fast power cycling (210)
  • Modifications to MIG process menu (210)
  • Spoolmate 150 compatibility (210 serial numbers after ME390001J)
  • AC frequency adjustment (210 serial numbers after ME390001J)
  • DC pulse range expanded (210 serial numbers after ME390001J)


TIG Software Expansions

Expand the capabilities of existing products with innovative solutions for highly specialized applications.

By downloading this software, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions set forth by TIG Solutions and Miller. 


Hotwire Expansion

Dynasty 210/280/300/400/800

Maxstar 210/280/400/800


Reconfigures the software to enable the output for preheating the auxiliary wire.

14 Pin Automation Expansion

Dynasty 210/280/300/400/800

Maxstar 210/280/400/800


Enabling the automation software expansion configures the Remote 14 socket I for valid arc and socket J for arc length control, and the ability to configure socket E as an input for Output Enable (Weld Stop).

Modbus Expansion

Dynasty 210/280/300/400/800

Maxstar 210/280/400/800


Enabling the Modbus software expansion configures the Remote 14 sockets L, M and N for Modbus control. Modbus serial communication provides access to all front panel parameters and machine functionality. Modbus expansion also includes functionality of Automation (OM-265411), AC Independent Expansion (Dynasty only, OM-267827), Hotwire (OM-273055), and Hot Start Adjust (OM-276515).

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