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Dynasty 210/280/400/800

Maxstar 161/210/280/400/800

Syncrowave 210/300/400

Release Notes

In current update:

Dynasty & Maxstar Models:

  • Bug fixes

Syncrowave Models:

Also includes previous revision changes:

Dynasty & Maxstar Models:

  • Cooler priming timer extended
  • New Standard Features Added:
    • "Remote hold" for TIG lift-arc process  (Maxstar 161) 
    • Ability to crater out for "remote hold" turn on/off from tech menu (Maxstar 161)
    • Cooler operation modes and Cooler-On-Demand™ - turn cooler off during extended non-weld time and in stick mode (for capable models) (280)
    • 4Tm (modified) trigger method (210/280/400/800)
  • Bug fix for nuisance primary overtemp error (280 serial numbers MJ380357L and higher are most likely to experience this)
  • Fixes relating to "not valid" error and lock function
  • Automatic polarity change for FCAW/GMAW (280 DX Multiprocess)
  • Improved AC Arc stating (210/280/400/800)
  • Fixes for premature weld termination in automated applications (400/800)
  • Improvements to TIG Lift-Arc™ (210/280/400/800)
  • New expansion feature - AC independent (activated via purchased expansion memory card) (210/280)
  • Cooler power deactivated in stick models (280)
  • Display indicator of [AVAC] as indicator of AC amperage (rectified average) (280)
  • Improved start characteristics for welding anodized aluminum (280)
  • Improvements to SMAW (stick) starts for select models (280)

Syncrowave Models:

  • Changes to pulse parameters (300/400)
  • Additional diagnostic checks when switching processes (210)
  • Fix for errors resulting from fast power cycling (210)
  • Modifications to MIG process menu (210)
  • Spoolmate 150 compatibility (210 serial numbers after ME390001J)
  • AC frequency adjustment (210 serial numbers after ME390001J)
  • DC pulse range expanded (210 serial numbers after ME390001J)


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