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Fume Extraction

High-Vacuum Fume Extraction

Perfect for safety and compliance in unique welding environments where versatility is key.

Unlike other fume extraction systems, high-vacuum systems are far more efficient as they're able to extract the most amount of fume at the source with the least amount of air movement. By doing so, they help keep your workplace in compliance and your workforce safer and more comfortable.





For 2–4 Operators Simultaneously

Unique fabrication and manufacturing settings require unique fume capture solutions. The FILTAIR 215 provides high-vacuum fume extraction for up to four operators at a time. The high cfm allows for long hose reach, so it's an effective solution even when placed far away from the welding activity. The FILTAIR 215 is a set-it-and-forget-it-type unit, optimized so you can realize efficiencies in per-operator cost while improving performance.

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Filtair 215 with 4 Vacuum Hoses

Multiple Applications Icon

Multiple Applications

Variable flow control (VFD) provides adjustable airflow for different applications including fume guns, nozzles, cobots and automation cells.

Better Performance Icon

Better Performance 

Powerful 215 cfm airflow rating and high 5.5 hp brushless motor with regenerative blower provides effective fume capture.

Increased Versatility Icon

Increased Versatility 

True multi-attachment performance and mobility for up to four operators at a time.

Simplified Maintenance Icon

Simplified Maintenance

Self-cleaning filter mechanism extends the filter life by up to eight times.

FILTAIR® 215 Features

Optimal Performance
Versatile Solution
Simplified Maintenance
Typical Applications
Optimal Performance
Versatile Solution
Typical Applications

New Y-Adapter Allows up to Four Operators Simultaneously

Maximize fume extraction performance at the source for up to four operators at a time with this versatile and powerful high-vacuum fume extraction system.  


For 1–2 Operators Simultaneously

Featuring a 130 cfm airflow, this portable unit designed for one operator is ideal for contractors, maintenance and repair, and light fabrication.

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Highly Portable

At only 46 pounds, it’s easy to move around or have at your side in a workbasket.

FilTek™ XL Filter Technology

Superior filtering of up to 95% of weld fume particulate.

Variable Flow Control

Front-panel-mounted air flow adjustment makes it easy to set the proper amount of extraction for attachments.

Filtair 130

Compare FILTAIR® 215 and FILTAIR® 130

Ideal Applications Heavy Manufacturing
Light Fabrication
Small Shops
Weight 390 lb. 46 lb.
Nominal Airflow 215 cfm 132 cfm
Filter Type Self-Cleaning
Manual Cleaning
Number of Operators 2-4 1-2
Input Power 460V / 3Ph / 60Hz 115V / 1Ph / 60Hz
Horsepower 5.5 hp 1.7 hp




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