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Air-cooled Quick Wrap

Works on pipe with outside diameter of 10-1.5 inches and up to a 600° F (315°C). Most joints will require two quick wraps to be used simultaneously -- one on each side of the joint. Add preheat insulation based on temperature requirements.
$2,896.00 Manufacturer Suggested Price (USD)


What's Included

  • Air-Cooled Quick Wrap

Not Included

  • ArcReach Heater
  • ArcReach Heater Extension Cable
  • Preheat Insulation
  • Contact Thermocouple Sensor (probe)
  • High-Temperature Rope
  • Thermocouple Wire
  • Thermocouple Connectors
  • Thermocouple Attachment Unit


General Specifications

Title $name
Industries Interests Construction
Pressure Vessel
Cross Country Pipeline
Pipe Fabrication / Construction
Maintenance and Repair - Field Operations
Mechanical Contracting
High Purity Processing
Process Pipe
Net Width 6.5 in
Net Height 3.7 in
Net Length 62.75 in
Net Weight 15 lbs
Warranty 0.25 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty

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