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Copilot™ Collaborative Welding System

Entry-level collaborative welding system with advanced features that is great for welders who are new to robotic welding automation. The product ships with everything pictured and includes a welder-friendly user interface and high-powered Auto-Continuum™ 350. Watch the video in the carousel at the left to see more!
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Easy to Relocate
Relocate your Cobot Workstation in four easy steps; Disconnect utilities and raise the leveling feet; Push effortlessly by hand; Lower the leveling feet; Reconnect utilities.
Entry-Level Collaborative Welding Cell
Operators can load and unload from a single station that can be shared with the robot envelope. Great for new-to-automation welding challenges and for experienced robotic welders who need the ability to address high-mix, low-volume operating scenarios in a small footprint.
Operator Protection
Accomplished with the collaborative function of the cobot. Operators need appropriate personal protection equipment for working in the proximity of a live arc.
Full Complement of Capabilites
GMAW with advanced arc modes (Accu-Pulse®, Versa-Pulse™, RMD®) to grow with your needs.
Weld Ready Tool Surface
48 x 48 inches outfitted with 5/8 inch tooling holes that are spaced 2 x 2 inches in a 42 x 30 inch pattern on center. Compatible with Bluco® and StrongHand Tools®, among others.
Minimal Assembly Required
Cobot Collaborative Welding System is mounted on caster wheels for easy location placement and adjustment. External hook up to power and welding gas. Also includes a video setup guide and instructions.



Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P)
Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD)

General Specifications

Title Collaborative Welding System
Industries Interests Manufacturing
Input Phase 1- and 3-Phase
Portability Lift Eye (Optional)
Net Width 48 in
Net Height 84 in
Net Length 52 in
Net Weight 1200 lbs