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Weldcraft™ A-200 Valve, 2-Piece, Rubber, 25 ft., Torch Package

Formerly known as the WP-26 Series, the A-200 Series provides dependable, top performing torches designed for heavy-duty welding applications.
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What's Included

  • A-200 Valve Torch Body
  • Handle
  • 2-Piece Power Cable
  • Rubber
  • 25 ft. (7.6 m)
  • Long Back Cap
Six Models Available
A-200, A-200 Flex, A-200 Flex Valve, A-200 Valve, A-200 Flex Redhead, A-200 Flex Valve Redhead
The air-cooled capability provides reliability for all field applications while eliminating the expense of a water-cooled system.
Robust Performance
The heavy copper construction delivers maximum welding capacity for rugged fieldwork.
Effortless Adjustments
The A-200 Valve and A-200 Flex Valve provide a gas control valve to ensure a quick, easy adjustment of shielding gas flow.
Using the A-200 Flex and A-200 Flex Valve, the flexible neck easily adjusts to any angle for better torch control in limited-access joints.
Combine Capabilities
With the A-200 Flex Valve, combine the flexible neck and gas valve for advanced capabilities with greater comfort and control.
Maximum Versatility
Weld on multiple applications without adding expenses using the A-200 Flex Redhead and A-200 Flex Valve Redhead.




General Specifications

Title Weldcraft™ A-200 Valve, 2-Piece, Rubber, 25 ft., Torch Package
Industries Interests Shipbuilding
Applications Fabrication
Mobile Fabrication & MRO
Welding Education and Training
Warranty 1 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty