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Smith® Series 30 Acetylene Medium-Duty Regulator, CGA 300

With max delivery pressure of 15 psig and inlet pressure of 400 psig, this series 30 regulator provides accurate pressure flow for reliable, daily use.
$166.58 Manufacturer Suggested Price (USD)


Neoprene Composite Diaphragm
Highly durable neoprene composite diaphragm offers precise adjustment of outlet pressure and extended service life.
Color-Coded Labels
Supply performance capabilities, easy gas service identification and technical information.
External Relief Valve
Protects regulator from damage do to inadvertent high-pressure surge. Relief valve will release excessive pressure and automatically reset.
Nickel-Plated Bonnet with Forged Brass Body
Protects against corrosion.
2-Inch Regulator Gauges
The large regulator gauges are easy to read and are constructed from shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses.
Dual Filters Including Sure Seat™
The regulator dual filter design protects the high-pressure seat from debris for reliable operation and long service life.


General Specifications

Title MD Acetylene regulator, 0-15 PSIG
Industries Interests Construction and Fabrication
Warranty 3 Years
Miller's Gas Equipment and Gas Control Warranty

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