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Kohler® PRO 300 Hour Oil Change Service Kit

Now included in gas engines in Miller welder/generators – save time and money with the new 300 hour oil change kits by Kohler. Kohler PRO 10W-50 Synthetic Oil and Extended Life Oil Filters triple the oil change interval on Kohler gas engines from 100 hours to 300 hours.
$85.00 Manufacturer Suggested Price (USD)


What's Included

  • 2 quarts - 10W-50 Oil
  • 1 Extended Life Oil Filter
Extended Life Oil Change Kit Compatibility
Compatible with Kohler gas engines in the following welder/generators: Fusion 160, Blue Star 185, Bobcat 200 Air Pak, Bobcat 225, Bobcat 260, Trailblazer 325, Trailblazer 302 Air Pak and EnPak A30.
Save money and increase productivity
Reduces annual oil change costs by up to 50% and improves equipment up-time and productivity when paired with Kohler PRO Extended Life Filter.
Full synthetic oil engineered by Amsoil
  • Kohler PRO 10W-50 is engineered by Amsoil as a premium lubricant specifically for air cooled engines.
  • 10W-50 viscosity ensures all-season performance.
  • Formulated for lower oil consumption than comparable conventional oil.
  • Increased wear protection under extreme temperatures and operating conditions.
  • Includes extra corrosion inhibitor for superior protection during seasonal storage.


General Specifications

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