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XMT® 4-Pack Rack, Empty

Accommodates any combination of four XMT 350 power sources that will fit into an empty XMT Rack. Order fuse kit separately for appropriate power supply and intended primary voltage.


Meets NEC requirements
Meets NEC requirements when properly installed and utilizing recommended primary circuit protection and proper fuse selection for primary power applied to rack.
Fuses meet IP-20 finger safe rating
Fuses meet requirements of IEC 60529 for IP-20 finger safe rating. Miller inverter racks are the only racks on the market to provide IP-20 finger safe rated fusing.
Simple Fuse holders
Fuse holders are designed to accommodate fuses for both 300 A (208–575 VAC) and 450 A (380–575 VAC) inverters in all voltage ranges applicable to power source.
Optional Running Gear
All racks can be equipped with optional running gear. The large five-inch diameter wheels enables the rack to be moved over grating and driveway gravel.


Product Literature

General Specifications

Title xmt-4pack-rack-empty-300970
Warranty 1 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty