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Copilot Software Updates

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Software download and install instructions are available in your Owners Manual.  Please search by serial number to ensure accuracy. 

Copilot Software

Auto-Continuum Software

Important Notes for Updating

  1. This update is for Miller Copilot Software V1.0.0 and higher only. For Copilot systems with other software versions, please contact our service department at

  2. Reference the video above on how to update the Miller Copilot software.

  3. This Copilot update requires that the Auto-Continuum be running software version 230320g or certain features may be unavailable in the Miller Copilot software.

  4. After loading the update, please reboot the system.

Release Notes

In current update:

  • Rotation lockout feature added to maintain torch angle when using AccuGuide
  • Bug fixes
    • Faster boot up time after safety stops
    • Improved weaving and motion control
    • Errors eliminated when too few circle points are taught
    • Incorrect weld data is no longer sent if weld was paused during playback

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