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Bobcat Software Updates

Download the most up-to-date, innovative software solutions for your engine-driven welder instantly to a USB thumb drive for enhanced performance. 

By downloading this update, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions set forth by Miller Electric Mfg. LLC.

Software download and install instructions are available in your Owners Manual.  Please search by serial number to ensure accuracy. 

Bobcat 265 Models

Release Notes for Bobcat 265 Models (Release H):

  • Battery Charge Support
  • Engine not returning to idle when welding with Spoolgun
  • Spoolgun arc start fix



Bobcat 200 Air Pak Models

Update Notes

  1. Update is for serial numbers manufactured starting with MK071019R only.  Units prior to these serial numbers cannot update the weld module software, so the update will not work correctly.

  2. For units that meet the serial number requirement, the update will end with a "WELD COMM" error on the display. The update will be loaded properly, but the weld module does not start.  To remedy this, simply turn off the engine, wait for 10 seconds, and restart.  The unit should operate properly.


Release Notes for Bobcat 200 Air Pak Models (Release L): 

  • Removed support for 300-hour oil change

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