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Bobcat Software Updates

Download the most up-to-date, innovative software solutions for your engine driven power source instantly to a USB thumb drive for enhanced performance.

By downloading this update, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions set forth by Miller Electric Mfg. LLC.

Software Download and Install Instructions are available in your Owner Manual.  Please search by serial number to ensure accuracy.

We recommend using a Miller USB thumb drive (part number 276418), available through our parts department 1(866) 831-9730.

Bobcat 200 Air Pak

Note: for serial numbers earlier than MK170697R, remove the WeldBoardApplication282089*.dex file from the install.

Download Latest Software Update >>
(Update G effective May 15, 2019)

Release Notes

  • Fixed unnecessary increase in RPM when welding restrikes occur.
  • Improved Spool Gun Starts