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ArcReach Heater Software Updates

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ArcReach Heater Software

Read the descriptions below and select a desired download option.

Option 1:Installation Instructions

Download step-by-step instructions document describing how to update software on the ArcReach Heater.


Option 2: ArcReach Heater Equipment Software

(Your equipment uses Miller software in its operation. The Miller software is included with your purchased Miller equipment. You may download Miller software updates that may be available right on your equipment.)


Option 3: ArcReach Heater PC Data Application Software

(Download to set up joint-specific information for pre-programmed and brought to joint)


  1. Download and install the ArcReach Heater Data Application (see download software application below)
  2. .NET Framework may be installed during this process
  3. Note: this download process will take a few minutes

Release Notes

In current update(v2023.09.07):

Control Board:

Update to Insulation Fault Detection System

  • Reduce nuisance 8-1 Insulation Fault and refine valid 8-1 Faults Reporting
  • Eliminates 8-2 Insulation Self-Test Fault on startup
  • Removed redundant 8-3 Insulation Fault
  • Reduce nuisance Gate Drive Faults (10-5 through 10-8) 

Includes these previous software revision changes:


User Interface:

Translation updates for the following languages:

  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • French

Control Board/TC Box:

  • More 6-5 nuisance fault support
  • Communication between the heater control board and the TC Box has been improved


User Interface:

  • Added multi-language support to the ArcReach Heater
  • Added time zone support
  • Fixed multiple button press to prevent 'Run' condition
  • Minimum Insulation Layer Temperature Screen Verbiage Change - 304 F to 302 F

Control Board:

  • Fixed 9-X Fan Faults
  • Resolved over-target temperature condition
  • ST7580 modem communication improvement for the 6-5 issue
  • Updated ArcReach communication for the heater
  • Resolved Bakeout target using preheat setpoint
  • Overshoot bug addressed (changes made to Step Control State Machine to prevent temperature overshoot seen on ~2" diameter pipe)

TC Box:

  • ST7580 modem communication improvement for the 6-5 fault

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