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Stick Welding Calculator

1. What material are you welding?
2. What electrode are you using?
All suggested settings are approximate. Welds should be tested to comply to your specifications.
Suggested Amperage Range:
Use less amps on thin metal; more amps on thick metal.
DCEP: DC, Electrode Positive (reverse polarity) has the most weld penetration
AC: medium weld penetration (can be more spatter)
DCEN: DC, Electrode Negative (straight polarity) has the least weld penetration
Position of Weld:
Electrode Description
Information About Default Weld Parameters and Settings

NOTICE - Each welding application is unique. Although certain Miller Electric products are designed to determine and default to certain typical welding parameters and settings based upon specific and relatively limited application variables input by the end user, such default settings are for reference purposes only; and final weld results can be affected by other variables and application-specific circumstances. The appropriateness of all parameters and settings should be evaluated and modified by the end user as necessary based upon application-specific requirements. The end user is solely responsible for selection and coordination of appropriate equipment, adoption and adjustment of default weld parameters and settings, and ultimate quality and durability of all resultant welds. Miller Electric expressly disclaims any and all implied warranties including any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

1. What material are you welding?
2. What electrode are you using?