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Training Future Welders with Augmented Reality

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To meet current and future industry demands, Miller offers innovative augmented reality welding training solutions to not only enhance classroom learning but to recruit, educate and train new welders.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality fuses a computer-generated image with the real world, allowing you to stay grounded in your environment, while adding digital elements that the user can interact with in real time. In welding training programs, using a blended teaching model that encompasses augmented reality and live arc welding together has proven to increase student engagement, shorten the learning curve and minimize expensive consumable costs.

Exploring career options

Many young students may never consider welding as a career option or are unable to try welding in school as their institution may not offer a welding program, or even have the budget to add to their existing curriculum. With budget-friendly and hands-on augmented reality welding training solutions, schools can introduce students to the world of welding so they can make informed career decisions.

Benefits of augmented reality welding training solutions

  • Appropriate for beginner to advanced-level welding students.
  • Can simulate a variety of welding processes.
  • Immediately scores students' weld performance and provides real-time feedback.
  • Ability to weld with a variety of joints without expensive consumables.
  • Capability to recruit students and expose them to welding.

MobileArc™ Augmented Reality Welding System

MobileArc™ is an affordable augmented reality training system that serves as a valuable recruiting tool to attract, engage and introduce welding through a hands-on augmented reality experience so students of all ages can get a feel for welding. The simple user interface allows students to work independently and users even receive real-time feedback to correct errors to improve upon their welding skills. With its portable, lightweight design, MobileArc™ is great for recruitment events – inspiring young students to welding and sparking their interest.

AugmentedArc® Augmented Reality Welding System

AugmentedArc® is an advanced augmented reality training system that simulates multiple welding processes including MIG, TIG, Stick and Flux-Cored. AugmentedArc® is the most realistic welding simulation solution that allows instructors to train their students in less time and with less cost. On average, instructors save up to 60% on consumables and see a reduction of up to 65% in training time by using a blended teaching model including traditional welding training and AugmentedArc®.

Save with augmented reality

When students learn from their errors and correct them in an augmented reality environment, they aren’t wasting materials while they master the basics. They’re laying better beads as a first-time student and may even go back and forth between the shop and their welding training system to improve their technique without the added material costs.

Take your welding program to the next level

With the increasing demand for skilled welders, it is vital to incorporate new technologies into the training process to attract a new generation of welders. Miller® augmented reality welding training solutions offer an innovative learning experience, drastically reduces consumable costs and training time and allows students to learn and practice various welding techniques safely, accurately, and efficiently.