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Pipeline Welding Technology Delivers More Reactive Arc and Greater Control

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Transmission pipeline welding requires high-quality welds and getting the job done quickly. Dynamic DIG technology can help.
Pipe welding application in the Miller welding lab

Save time with Dynamic DIG welding technology

As a cross-country pipeline welder, you face daily demands to produce high-quality work as quickly as possible. This requires a reliable welder/generator that helps you maximize productivity, efficiency and quality on the job.

With every weld subjected to the highest non-destructive evaluation standards there is no room for defects — they cost time and money — and have the potential to hold up an entire operation. Too many defects can ultimately cost a pipeline welder their job.

To address the specific challenges of transmission pipeline welding, Miller Electric Mfg. LLC has gathered feedback from the industry and incorporated new technology into our welding arcs. The new Dynamic DIG technology delivers a smoother, more consistent stick welding arc that can be tailored to match the application, material, variations in pipe fit-up and welder technique.

The results? Improved puddle control, more flexibility in the arc and the ability to complete high-quality welds at faster speeds.

Meeting demands for quality and productivity

As a pipeline welder, your most critical deliverables are producing high-quality stick welds and completing the job quickly. The more weld metal you can put into each pass, the faster you can move on to the next weld joint — and eventually the next job.

One common challenge in pipeline welding is inconsistent fit-up, which can result in extremely tight or mismatched gaps when laying in the root pass. As the pipe is welded from top to bottom, the joint may go from a proper root gap to very little or no root gap, requiring the operator to make changes in their technique to accommodate for this variance. This requires a machine with enough drive to allow welders to push the rod in, using more force on the electrode, all while keeping the arc lit and getting the necessary penetration with a tight gap fit-up.

Power sources in the past didn’t have enough drive to provide this ability, which resulted in the arc being snuffed out during attempts to penetrate tight gaps. With evolutions in technology, Miller® welder/generators now have the drive and arc adaptability that deliver significant benefits for productivity and weld quality.

Fine-tuning the stick arc

Dynamic DIG is a software-based waveform technology on Miller Big Blue® engine drives, including the Big Blue 400 PipePro® welder/generator. Designed specifically for pipeliners, Dynamic DIG automatically adjusts the amount of current required to clear a short. As a result, the arc is more reactive to how the welder is using his or her electrode, providing greater arc control and puddle control. This changes the characteristics of the root pass and cap pass that you typically see. If a lot of drive is required for the root pass, you can tailor the arc to deliver plenty of penetration. When you need to soften the arc and dry up the puddle to make a wider hot pass or cap pass, the technology can provide those capabilities as well.

The arc characteristics can be optimized for the fill and cap passes to lay down a lot of weld metal, so welds can be completed faster. The end result is a greater ability to fine-tune the arc, so welders can easily change the arc based on what they’re seeing with each pass.

Another benefit of the new technology is the ability to preset current and maintain even heat throughout a full day of welding, compared to competitive technologies where current drops throughout the day. A machine with Dynamic DIG technology delivers consistent output all day, without the welder having to adjust amperage on the front panel to compensate for changing machine performance. This ability takes traditional generator performance to the next level with modern welding arc capabilities.

Take control

As a pipeline contractor, you must meet challenging project timelines. This work requires a welder/generator with the technology to help you meet the demands of long days and get the job done.

Demand a machine that provides more adaptability to meet the specific conditions of the applications and preferences of the welder. Change the way you work with a new technology that delivers more control of the arc and weld puddle than previously possible.

With Dynamic DIG from Miller, the results help save time and make pipeliners more productive and efficient without compromising weld quality — so you can do your best work.