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Access: Granted

Introducing the most versatile head and face protection for welding. Your access to comfort, compliance and visibility within tight spaces has been granted.


  • 40% lighter than a traditional welding helmet.
  • Easily fits under a hard hat, eliminating weight and balance issues to reduce operator fatigue.


  • Face shield and flame-resistant head cover provide coverage for UV/IR rays and applications with limited spatter.
  • Welders may take off or continuously bump their welding helmets in tight spaces. The low-profile design of the Weld-Mask allows welders to access these tight spaces while staying protected.


  • Soft, close-fitting eye covering provides total darkness for precision welding.
  • No more welding blind — compact auto-darkening lenses allow users to weld in spaces where access with traditional welding helmets is limited.

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Weld-Mask 2: Your Industrial Solution

Weld-Mask 2 is engineered specifically for the unique hazards prevalent for construction and ship welders, and other welders who work in tight, challenging environments — increasing comfort, compliance and productivity.

Comfort and Protection

  • Miller® LPR-100™ Half mask Respirator and Miller® Classic safety glasses seamlessly fit under Weld-Mask 2. Operators stay protected and compliant even in the tightest spaces.


Weld-Mask lens closeup image


Large singular lens placed close to the face provides a game-changing viewing experience.

Shade control close-up image


Shades 5-13 for use with MIG, TIG, stick and gas welding and cutting.

X-mode application image


Exclusive X-Mode technology continuously detects the arc even when sensors are blocked.

Weld-Mask 2 flashlight accessory


Flashlight accessory converts your Weld-Mask 2 into a hands-free headlamp (sold separately).

Weld-Mask: Your DIY Solution

Ideal for auto restoration and other DIY environments, the narrow design of Weld-Mask provides protection without getting in the way, giving users the visibility to weld in tight, challenging spaces.


Comfort and Protection

  • The lightweight, 7.8 ounce design virtually eliminates neck strain.


  • Shades 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 for use with MIG, TIG, stick and gas welding and cutting.