Remote Welding Solutions for Engine Driven Welders

Remote Solutions for Miller® Engine Drives

You waste time and are exposed to potential jobsite hazards when your welder/generator is not at the point of use. Letting your machine run all day wastes fuel, increases the need for maintenance and makes for a loud jobsite. A noisy jobsite can keep you and those around you from hearing sounds that warn of potential hazards. Redefine where you work with remote solutions for Miller engine-driven welder/generators. 

Remote Start/Stop on Bobcat™ welder/generators

Take control and eliminate noise. Get more done with each tank of fuel, extend time between maintenance and work in comfort without the hassle of walking back to your machine — all with the same rugged Bobcat reliability you expect.

Fuel savings

Reduce time and money on maintenance

Reduce jobsite noise

The Bobcat™ reliability you expect

Remote Panel Kit for Miller® engine drives

Stop wasting time climbing onto the truck, and reduce encountering potential safety hazards too. Locate your welder/generator’s output panels at the point of use with the Miller® Remote Panel Kit. Compatible products include Bobcat, Trailblazer and Big Blue welder/generators.


Jobsite safety

Work more efficiently

A reliable Miller solution